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What are Mounted Games Study Days?

Mounted Games Study Days are aimed to inform members, trainers and parents of the rules for the games to be played in that year. They are a great opportunity for everyone to see the new Area and Zone games for the forthcoming season and there is always a Pony Club Official on hand to answer any queries.

It has been agreed by the Training Committee that these days can be used for accreditation in Mounted Games only. Please bring your log books with you and these will be signed on the day. However, if you wish to instruct in any other sport you must attend a Coaches Course to gain full accreditation.


Find out more in the current Rulebook which can be purchased here

2024 Study Days


Booking information 
4th February 2024 National Study Day - Bury Farm, Mill Road, Buckinghamshire Mounted Games Committee

Entry coming soon

Becoming a Mounted Games Trainer

To start training a branch or centre team or pairs you will first need to be listed on the Pony Club Coaching Database. To achieve this you need to meet the Coaching criteria and liaise with the Branch District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor. 


The Coaching Criteria can be found here, the Mounted Games study day can support Trainers (coaches) as CPD.