Progressive Awards




What are Progressive Awards?

Progressive Awards allow Members to work towards Tests in between Efficiency Test levels E and C+. There are four levels of Progressive Tests; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Bronze Awards 

Silver Awards   

Silver Award 3 ObjectivesSilver Award 2 ObjectivesSilver Award 1 Objectives
Have a basic understanding of poniesStart to develop a balanced seatTo be working towards developing a balanced seat independent of the reins
Achieve confidence in handling and riding a ponyBecome more involved in looking after poniesUnderstand elementary aids and be able to apply them
To improve and enjoy learning about ponies

Gold Awards   

Gold Award 3 ObjectivesGold Award 2 ObjectivesGold Award 1 Objectives
Work towards an effective & balanced seat on the flat and over jumpsImprove position on the flat & over jumpsBe in control of the pony in all paces & over jumps
Know how to behave when riding on the roads & in the countrysideUnderstand the combined system of keeping poniesHave control over a pony on the roads & in the countryside
Understand the requirements of a pony at grassUnderstand the requirements of a stabled ponyKnow how to look after a grass kept pony, or a pony on a combined system
Be courteous to other road usersKnow the country law

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