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What is Pony Racing?

Pony Racing mirrors the Horse Racing you see on the television, its held on licenced Race Courses across the UK- the only difference is that the equines taking part can only measure up to 14.2hh (148cm). 

Members wishing to give Pony Racing a try must be aged between 9 years old on the first of January (in the current calendar year) and can race up until the day of their 17th Birthday.
The Ponies taking part must be aged between 5 and 20 years old whilst being fit and well in order to race. 

Those involved have the opportunity to find out more about what it takes to be fit enough to take part in racing, how to care for the pony they intend to race and equipment they need to be safe racing. 

How Do I Get Involved?

You can talk to your Branch or Centre and ask them about getting involved with a taster session- this included mounted and unmounted activities to help give you the feel of what racing is like.

There are four key areas that could be focused on:

  • Balance and fitness exercises - These are aimed to test your balance, build muscle and are fit enough to take part.
  • Equicisor - This is a mechanical horse that gives you the chance to put your forward racing seat into practice and give you a feel of what racing would be like.
  • Cantering in an enclosed space - Here you can focus on work with bridging reins, the racing position and shortened stirrups.
  • Gallops and field practise in a safe environment- This is where both rider and pony can trial travelling at speed and prepare for what it would be like to race.

Members can take part in a visit to a Racecourse and Fan Zone with the work we do with QIPCO and British Champions Series. Keep your eye open for full details of these on the monthly emails and our pages. 

Pony Racing Authority (PRA)

The Pony Racing Authority (PRA) is the Sports Governing body and provides young people with opportunities to race in point to point and the Racecourse Series. 

To find out more about them and the events they provide please click here 

How Do I Progress Further?

We have several opportunities for members to take up Pony Racing.

PC/PRA Training Days

These days are kindly supported by The Racing Foundation. 

Members are able to

  • Ride their own ponies in a controlled environment and on the gallops under top riding tuition
  • Learn more about balance and control in a forward seat
  • Work with a fitness expert
  • Use traditional racing equipment like an equicisor
  • Gain vital advise about rider and pony fitness and nutrition
  • Learn more about tack, race day procedures and etiquette

The training day also offers the opportunity for Members and their ponies to be assessed for eligibility to participate in Race Days with both Pony Club and the Pony Racing Authority (PRA).  


Pony Race Days

The Race Days are opportunities for members to take part in competitive racing on a Licenced Race Course, such as Ascot, Wolverhampton and Cheltenham. 

Much like the activities you see on the Television the riders talking part in weighing in, weighing out, parading and heading down to the start.

There are three types of Pony Racing:

  • Pony Club Race Days
  • PRA Point to Point Fixtures
  • PRA Racecourse Series

For all the details on The Pony Racing Authority (PRA) fixtures and series, please click here.

Pony Racing Rulebook
Pony Racing Rulebook 2022
PDF - 1 mB

Pony Racing Contacts

Charles Barnett
Pony Racing Chairman
Zoe Pulling
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2