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What is Pony Racing?

Pony racing mirrors the Horse Racing you see on the television. Held on licenced racecourses across the UK (such as Ascot and Cheltenham), pony racing allows Pony Club members to experience the thrill and experience of racing - but on ponies!

Members wishing to give pony racing a go must be aged 9 years old on 1st January (in the current calendar year) and can race up until the day of their 17th birthday.
The ponies taking part must be aged between 5 and 20 years old and be fit and sound to race. They must also measure no more than 148cm.

The Pony Club works closely with The Pony Racing Authority (PRA), pony racing’s governing body, to provide young people with opportunities to race in point-to-point and the Racecourse Series. 

To find out more about the PRA and the events they provide, please click here 

How Do I Get Involved?

Your first point of contact if you want to have a go at Pony Racing is your Branch or Centre. Ask them about getting involved with a taster session which will include mounted and unmounted activities to help give you the feel of what racing is like.

There are many different types of sessions that can be run to give members a taste of racing:

  • Balance and fitness exercises
    These are aimed to test your balance and fitness and build muscle needed for racing
  • Equicisor
    This is a mechanical horse that gives you the chance to practice and perfect your racing position safely before getting on your pony
  • Cantering in an enclosed space
    Usually an arena session where you can work on bridging your reins and your racing position on your pony before getting out on the course
  • Gallops and field practise in a safe environment
    This is where both rider and pony can practice travelling at speed to prepare for what it would be like to race
  • PC/PRA Training days
    Training days where you can receive a full range of support from using an Equicisor, speaking to nutritionists and gallop on your pony in a group. Also counts as an eligibility qualification for a Race Day. Check the PC website to see if there are any training days being held near you. For more information regarding Training days, please click here
  • Race Days
    A chance to get competitive on race courses such as Cheltenham and Ascot! Check the PC website to see if there are any race days being held near you. For more information regarding race days, please click here


Thanks to QIPCO and British Champions Series, our members can also experience visits to racecourses and Fan Zones across the country.
Keep your eyes open for full details of these on the monthly emails and our social media pages. 

How Do I Progress Further?

If you decide you want to enter a Race Day, the combination must meet certain eligibility criteria and must have completed:

  • a minimum of two ridden group rallies of one hour in duration. The ridden activity to take place in a wide open space; or
  • a minimum of one (passed) PRA/PC Training Day; or
  • attended and completed a British Racing School or National Racing College or Scottish Racing Academy Level 3 training day (Passed)

DCs or Centre Proprietors will be contacted to confirm that the Member and pony have completed the requirements above, and to confirm that they are a current member of their Branch/Centre.

Find out more in the Rulebook which can be purchased here or can be viewed below: 

Pony Racing Rulebook
Pony Racing Rulebook 2024
PDF - 479 kB

Pony Racing Contacts

Annabel Stanley
Sports Officer
T 02476 698300 option 2
Steve Taylor
Pony Racing Chairman (Volunteer)