Transfer Form

Branch/Centre Transfers

Members wishing to transfer between Branches/Centres should follow the process below:

Centre Membership to Centre Membership

Please email our membership team via with details of which Centre you are moving to and we can update your membership on our system.

Centre Plus Membership to Centre Plus Membership

Please contact with details of your request.

Branch Membership to Centre Plus Membership / Centre Plus Membership to Branch Membership

Members requesting a transfer are reminded that The Pony Club strongly believes it is in the best interests of the membership as a whole to discourage transfers between Branches except in the case of a change of residence. 

Please note that it is strongly recommended that the parent should speak to their current DC before requesting a transfer.

Please fill in a transfer form by clicking the relevant button below. The form will then be emailed to the DC(s)/Centre Proprietor(s) and Area Rep(s). The DC of the Branch you are transferring to has responsibility to approve the transfer, you will be informed of their decision.

For further information regarding the transfer process, please refer to the Transfers section of the Rules of The Pony Club, available on our website.