What is Eventing?

Pony Club Eventing is a thrilling equestrian sport that encompasses three disciplines: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. It provides young riders with an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in a supportive environment. The dressage phase requires precision and harmony between horse and rider as they perform a series of predetermined movements. Cross-country tests bravery and agility as horse and rider navigate a course of natural obstacles over varied terrain. Show jumping demands accuracy and speed as horse and rider aim to clear coloured fences within the designated time frame.

Pony Club eventing fosters camaraderie among participants and emphasises sportsmanship, horsemanship, and safety throughout the competition. It’s an exciting and challenging experience that encourages riders to continually improve their abilities and bond with their equine partners.

Eventing is an Olympic sport in which Great Britain has a long history of success. The entire Great Britain Eventing team at London 2012 and Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 were ex-Pony Club Members!

Disciplines and Scoring


Eventing dressage is the first phase of eventing competitions, focusing on the precision and harmony of horse and rider. During the test, riders showcase their horse’s obedience, suppleness, and athleticism. A judge marks each individual movement on the harmony, accuracy, and quality of each movement, providing scores that contribute to the overall eventing performance. Ideally it should look as if the horse is performing of its own accord, carrying its rider in complete harmony. Unlike in pure Dressage, riders are aiming for a low score.

Show Jumping

The second phase is Show Jumping which is over coloured fences. The poles in show jumping can be knocked down, so require careful and accurate riding. Go too fast and the horse may jump flat, knocking them down. Go too slow, and the horse may stop, and time penalties incurred. If any penalties are obtained, due to knocking poles down, having a refusal, or exceeding the optimum time, these are added to the rider’s dressage score.

Cross Country

This is the final phase and is designed to test the combination’s skill, fitness and courage over a variety of fixed fences and undulating ground. It should also demonstrate the rider’s knowledge of pace so that they complete the course within the optimum time allowed. Like the Show Jumping phase, if penalties are incurred during this phase, they are added to the rider’s score.


At the end of the competition, scores for all the competitors are totalled. Each test is scored individually and the penalties accrued are added together for the final results. The lowest score is the winning score.

In the case of a team competition, the individual scores of each of the four team members are added together. If all four team members have completed the competition the best three scores count and the team with the lowest team total is pronounced the winner.

How Do I Get Involved?

Pony Club Eventing Competitions are organised at a number of different levels:

  • Branch/Centre Competitions – Friendly competitions organised by Branches or Centres for their own Members and Members of the surrounding Branches & Centres.
  • Area Competitions – Open to all Members within the Pony Club Area, including qualifying competitions for the Championships and Regional Championships.
  • Championships – Qualifying Teams and Individuals from every Area compete to decide the National Eventing Champions.
  • Arena Eventing – throughout the winter months, Members can take part in Arena Eventing competitions to qualify for the Barrier Animal Health Spring Festival. There are three different finals; England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Each have different qualifying rules, so please consult the rules for your country.

Pony Club Eventing Dressage Tests

For Summer Area Competitions and Championships 2024
(Please note new tests in bold)

LevelArea TestChampionship Test
PC70Preliminary PC70 Dressage Test 2022Preliminary PC70 Dressage Test 2022
PC80Grassroots PC80 Dressage Test 2018Grassroots PC80 Dressage Championship Test 2024
PC90PC90 Eventing Test 2013PC90 Eventing Championship Test 2015
PC100PC100 Eventing Test 2015PC100 Eventing Championship Test 2013
Chairman’s CupPC110 Eventing Test 2022PC110 Eventing Championship Test 2015
PC110PC110 Eventing Test 2022PC110 Eventing Championship Test 2015

Key Competitions & Events

Regional Eventing Championships

PC70 and PC80 Eventing Championships are held across five Regional Championships. These are Scotland & Northern Ireland, Northern England & Wales, East Midlands & East Anglia, South Wales & Southern England, and the South West regions. Qualification for these finals are through Area competitions, some of which may be the same Area competitions as for the other Eventing levels. Some Areas may hold additional Area qualifiers for PC70s and PC80s.

National Eventing Championships

The Eventing Championships are the main Pony Club Eventing competition of the year, where the top Pony Club eventers compete across multiple classes in both team and individual competition. The following classes are held: PC90, PC100 and the Chairman’s Cup (see below). Qualifiers for these are held at Area Competitions.

The EQUIDRY Chairman’s Cup

The EQUIDRY Chairman’s Cup Class brings a new format of Eventing to The Pony Club Championships, featuring a Trot Up prior to the Dressage phase, followed by the Cross Country and finally, on the last day, Show Jumping in reverse order. The Chairman’s Cup is a team and individual competition. Qualification is through Area Competitions or the MER system (please see the current year’s rulebook for correct details). NEW for 2024 – The top five placed members will win a two day training course with Gill Watson, kindly supported by the Eloise and Katie Memorial Trust.

PC110 Eventing Championships – Wellington International

This year’s Pony Club 110 Eventing Championships, kindly sponsored by The Event Horse Owners Association, will again take place at the prestigious Wellington International Event. Running alongside the FEI classes, the 110 Championships will give members the opportunity to experience competing at the very highest level and atmosphere the sport has to offer. This is a Team and Individual Event, and the top 5 placed members win a two day training course with Gill Watson, kindly supported by the Eloise and Katie Memorial Trust.


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