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What is Polocrosse?

Polocrosse is a team sport which is a combination of Polo and Lacrosse that is played on horse back.

Players use racquets to catch a sponge ball. The racquets are sticks like in polo but with a square or round head and loose net. The sponge ball is 4" in diameter and weighs only 140 grammes. Two teams play against each other with the aim to score the most goals. Each team is made up of six players which are divided in to two sections of three players. Only one team of three can play on the field per chukka. A chukka can last up to 8 minutes but is usually 6 minutes and there is a 2 minute change over per chukka. Matches can be of 2, 4, 6 or 8 Chukkas in total.

There are three positions on the playing field:

  • Player 1 – the attacking player
  • Player 2 – the midfield player
  • Player 3 – the defence player

Each player is only allowed in a certain part of the pitch which means, in order to score a goal, they must work as a team throughout play.

Players are allowed only to play one horse during a tournament. Horses of all breeds play polocrosse, so just use your favourite! Most horses take to the sport well and happily accept the stick and ball. At the top-level, horses need to be light, responsive and very highly trained to be able to stop quickly, turn and go again in an instant.

How Do I Get Involved?

To get involved with Polocrosse and give it a go please talk to your Branch or Centre to find out if they will arrange a Taster Session where you can find out more. The session can then carry out the 'Intro to Polocrosse' Badge whilst teaching.

If you would like to arrange a Taster Session, please contact the Development Officer or Polocrosse Area Co-ordinator.

How Do I Progress Further?

To keep developing your skills at Polocrosse ask your Branch or Centre if you can start developing a team with regular training sessions.

Please speak to the Development Officer or Area Co-ordinator for contact details for a coach.

Once your training and team are progressing you'll be able to look at undertaking the 'Polocrosse Competition Badge' and take part in Tournaments


If you require any Polocrosse Equipment, please see the information below:

Polocrosse Extreme have a whole range of rackets, balls and polocrosse playing tack and accessories. For more information, please go to their Website:

Willoughby Park Polo Gear sell polocrosse equipment for both horse and rider. They have a shop at Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre, Willoughby, Warwickshire, CV23 8AJ. For more information please go to their website which is

Polocrosse Rulebook
Pony Club Rulebook 2019 Polocrosse
PDF - 2 mB

Polocrosse Contacts

Jan Whitehead
Polocrosse Chairman
Laura Armstrong
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2
Emma Holliwell
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2
Zoe Pulling
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2