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What is Polo?

Polo is like hockey on horseback! You have to hit the ball into the goal with your polo stick.

Each game is played between two teams with four players on each side. The game is divided into short, six minutes parts known as Chukkas. The more experienced you are, the more chukkas there are in a game.

Pony Club Polo is split into different sections:

  • Jorrocks (6 - under 11)
  • Handley Cross (9 - under 14)
  • Surtees (9 - under 15)
  • Loriner/Rendell (14 - under 21)
  • Langford (under 21) min handicap -2
  • Gannon (under 21) min handicap -1

Jorrocks and Handley Cross are played on general Pony Club ponies that must attend non polo rallies. In all other sections polo ponies can be used.

How Do I Get Involved?

Many Pony Club Branches and Centres offer Polo as an activity and put on training sessions to start Members off.

If your Branch or Centre doesn’t offer Polo as an activity then please contact The Pony Club Office who can give you more information on setting up Polo and put you in touch with a Polo playing Pony Club and the Polo Committee who can support with setting up. 

Update 2020:

During these tricky times the PC Polo Committee have put together an information pack to help Branches and Centres take part in Polo as much as is safely possible. There is still a grant available for training that conforms to government guidlelines. Please see all the information below.

PC Polo Pack
Polo Pack Autumn 2020
PDF - 361 kB
Polo Pack Summer 2020
PDF - 103 kB
Training Grant Info 2020
PDF - 100 kB
Training Grant Application Form 2020
PDF - 115 kB

How Do I Progress Further?

The main Pony Club polo season takes place in July and the start of August ending with The Pony Club Polo Championships, which held at the prestigious Cowdray Park Polo Club, West Sussex.

Any teams can attend friendly tournaments to practise, have fun and work towards qualifiers which run just before the Championships.

Jorrocks teams (6 - under 11) must take part in TWO qualifying tournaments to be able to play at the Championships, all other age groups must go to THREE qualifying tournaments to be able to go to the Championships.

The Championships take place Cowdray Park Polo Club and is a full weekend of polo for all ages!

Polo Rulebook
PDF - 301 kB

Polo Contacts

Charles Whittington
Polo Chairman
Laura Armstrong
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2
Zoe Pulling
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2
Fiona Dallyn
T 02476 698300 option 2