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Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care

What is the Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care Competition?

The competition features teams of three Members who demonstrate their knowledge and practical horsemanship skills taken from the Pony Club Efficiency Tests over a number of rounds.

Teams compete at their Area Competition with the aim to qualify for the Championships.

There are 3 Levels:

  • Minis: Questions to be based on the Care section of the E, D and easier parts of the D+ Efficiency Test cards and Mini Horsemanship Achievement Badges. At the Championships a small number of questions will cover all of the D+ syllabus.
  • Juniors: Questions to be based on the Care section of the D, D+, C and easier parts of the C+ Efficiency Test cards and Horsemanship Achievement Badges. At the Championships a small number of questions will cover Advances Achievement Badges and all of the C+ syllabus.
  • Seniors: Questions to be based on the Care section of the C+, B and AH Efficiency Test cards. Questions at AH Test level should be used sparingly as not all Branches/Centres will have AH Test level competitors.

Please see the Horsemanship Rulebook on the right for more clarification of this competition.


How the competition works?

Teams make their way around different ‘stations’, each of which will comprise of a different theory or practical based topic. Ten minutes are spent at each ‘station’, during which time Members are asked a series of questions to be marked by the Assessor.

Points will be allocated per section, as well as for the manner in which Teams approach the competition. One round will be chosen, at random, as the ‘tie-breaker’. In the event of a tie, the Team with the highest score in that particular round will be declared the winners.

Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care Championships

The HPC Championships take place at the JCB Pony Club Championships in Offchurchbury, in August. Each Horse and Pony Care section (Mini, Junior & Senior) will take place on a different day. Each team qualifies through their area competition, where the numbers to qualify depends on the number of entries in each area. Teams are then invited to enter the JCB Championships. For the minis, this is a great opportunity for them to go to Champs and discover all that Pony Club has to offer, before they get a chance to ride there.

Horse and Pony Care Resources

All Horse and Pony Care resources can be found in the Resource Hub via the link button below. These resources include previous years Championships questions, question templates, achievement badges related to this competition and sample questions for all levels.


This webinar is for anyone that would like to know about Horse and Pony Care. Covering – What is Horse and Pony Care, Running of the day, Questions, Assessors, Training and Teams, Rules. Qualification, Results and Champs.


Save the date – 21st June 2024, Online Zoom

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Below is the link for the recording of the Trainers, Parents and Members webinar.


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A list of the achievement badges that will be needed to train for Horse and Pony Care.

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Please follow the link below for Horse and Pony Care Area Dates


Competition Sponsor

The Blue Cross have been providing specialist care, services and support for pets and people throughout their lives together for over 125 years. They provide veterinary care, offer expert behavioural help, and find loving, happy homes for pets in need. Visit their website via the link below.

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