Membership Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to the person(s) named on the membership form/online portal being enrolled as a Member of The Pony Club and agree to the Members’ and Parents’ Codes of Conduct as published on this website page.
  • I understand that riding is a risk sport and accept that the person(s) named on the membership form/online portal will be taking part in Pony Club riding and associated activities, including the availability of online learning, as explained to me by The Pony Club Official/Coach/Centre Proprietor.
  • I agree that they/I will be bound by the Rules of The Pony Club and neither I nor they will hold The Pony Club liable for any personal injury to the Members or injury to their ponies or loss or damage to any of their equipment.
  • I agree to abide by any rules regarding safe and correct riding equipment (including footwear and hats) that the person(s) named on the membership form/online portal must wear.
  • If emergency medical/dental or veterinary treatment is required in my absence, I authorise the appointed Pony Club Official to obtain such treatment as they reasonably consider necessary.
  • I understand that The Pony Club will:
    • not share my personal information with a third party for the purposes of them contacting me directly.
    • share some personal information with its partners for data analysis/research and development purposes. Any organisation that personal information is shared with will have to comply with the requirements laid out under the General Data Protection Regulation for handling personal data.
    • use the personal data I provide for its registered purposes and as outlined in the privacy policy on  https://pcuk.org/privacy/