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Virtual Musical Ride

What is the Virtual Musical Ride?

The Virtual Musical Ride is a version of the Musical Ride Competition that teams can take part in from home.

Teams of between 6 and 12 riders perform their own choreographed routine to music, wearing themed costumes or Branch/Centre sweatshirts. There rides are filmed and submitted for judging.

Some of the previous themes we have seen include: Bake Off, Superheroes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bugsy Malone, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beauty and the Beast, Lancaster Bombers, Matadors, Grease, Jungle Book, James Bond, Thriller and 101 Dalmatians to name just a few!


  • Open to all Pony Club Members.
  • The team should contain between 6 and 12 riders.
  • The team can be from a Branch or Centre or a combination of both (mixed teams are permitted)
  • Lead rein riders are permitted – leaders must wear a correctly tagged hat.
Saddlery & Dress
  • Hats must be tagged, and correct footwear must be worn.
  • Any normal tack items and riding bits are permitted.
  • Costumes / fancy dress are optional.
  • Small, unobtrusive handheld props are permitted.
  • 20m x 60m or 20m x 40m to suit venue and ride
  • There should be no physical props inside the arena.
  • All riders must enter the arena at A.
  • Outside assistance eg voice, bell, whistle is not permitted.
  • Duration – the duration of the display within the arena should be no longer than 5 minutes (an additional 1 ½ minutes is allowed for entry and exit, music is permitted for this)


Still need to know more? Please refer to the Dressage Rulebook 2024 linked here.



  • 1st July – 18th September – team practices and filming
  • 1st September – entries & video upload open
  • 21st September – entries & video upload close
  • Week commencing 2nd October – results announced


  • Entry fee – £80 per team.
  • Entries should be made online between 1st and 21st September
  • It is preferred that videos are submitted via a YouTube link


  • The rides should be ridden specifically for this competition and filmed during the specified filming and video-upload period only.
  • Videos from another competition or outside the scheduled filming period will not be accepted.
  • You may repeat the ride as many times as you need and submit only the best video.
  • Film from C, the judge’s position.
  • If filming on a smartphone, hold the device in the landscape orientation.


The object of the competition is to provide an entertaining spectacle for both competitors and spectators and will be marked as follows:

Content of Ride – 60

  • Variety and change of pace
  • Choreography
  • Riding skills and team compatibility

Choice of Music – 20

  • Interpretation and entertainment value
  • Suitability of music to the paces shown

Overall Artistic Impression – 20

  • The whole presentation, idea and display
  • In the event of a tie, the ride with the higher artistic marks shall take the higher placing.

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