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Coaching Conference 2024

‘Confidence is Crucial’

The Pony Club Online Coaching Conference

It is crucial for both the rider and the pony to have confidence in themselves to enable them to help each other. The conference this year is based around coaches developing confidence in their riders and creating a stronger partnership with their ponies. It will be a very full and interesting evening that will have plenty of coaching skills to take away and use.

Guest Speakers & Presenters:

  • Corrine Bracken – “Exercises for Confidence at Pony Club Rallies throughout the levels”
  • David Hamer – “The value of not specialising too soon”
  • Jason Webb – “Confidence Boost Your Pony & Make Ponies Spook Proof”
  • Grainne Flavin – “Starter Games – unconscious learning through games”
  • Q&A Session with all Guest Speakers and webinar participants.


Meet the Speakers



Corrine Bracken 

Corinne Bracken, a distinguished British Showjumping Accredited Coach, has left an indelible mark on the equestrian world with over two decades of expertise. In her role as the International Team Coach since 2006, overseeing Children, Junior, and Young Riders Showjumping squads, she became a pivotal figure in the sport. Elevating to the position of Chef d’Equipe in 2009, Corinne’s influence extended to key committees, including Performance, Development, Training, and UK Development for British Showjumping.

Not only a mentor for European level juniors and young riders, but Corinne’s guidance also extended to international event riders and Pony Club championship teams. Her commitment to education is evident through roles as an NVQ assessor since 2002 and an accredited coach for the British Show Jumping Association from 2003.

Corinne’s contributions aren’t limited to coaching; she played a role in examining the fellowship exam for the British Horse Society. Corinne Bracken’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence in equestrian coaching and a commitment to shaping the future of the sport.


David Hamer

David Hamer, the Head of Performance Pathways for the British Equestrian Foundation, brings a wealth of expertise to his role, dedicated to aiding young individuals in navigating the equestrian workforce and establishing sustainable businesses to support their sporting dreams.

Joining the BEF in 2003, David initially served as a consultant for the podium potential Para-equestrian programme, which he not only developed from its inception but also managed until June 2017. His commitment to talent development led him to take on the management of Sport England funded talent pathways in 2009. Under his guidance, initiatives like the BEF Excel Talent Programme, BEF Young Professional Programme, and Youth Pathway Coaching Programme were established, showcasing his strategic vision for equestrian development.

In 2017, David’s remarkable contributions led to his appointment as the Head of Performance Pathways. In this pivotal role, he orchestrates the implementation of the strategy and technical framework for Olympic and Paralympic athlete and coach development. His primary focus is to ensure the provision and support required for sustained medal success at Senior Championship levels, a testament to his enduring commitment to excellence in equestrian sports.

David Hamer’s extensive journey in the equestrian industry encompasses roles as a dressage rider and trainer, a lecturer in further and higher education, a BHSI coach, and the holder of an MSc in Coaching Science. Beyond his managerial duties, he has successfully managed various equestrian businesses. Additionally, his passion for education is evident through his authorship of two equestrian textbooks: Care of the Stabled Horse and Understanding Fitness and Training.

Notably, David extends his influence to the media, occasionally lending his voice to Para-equestrian Championships as a commentator, showcasing his multifaceted engagement with the equestrian world.



Jason Webb

Meet Jason Webb, the mastermind behind Your Horsemanship, an online resource for equine training. Hailing from Australia but firmly rooted here, in the UK, Jason is a respected horse trainer known for skilfully guiding young horses on their journey and expertly handling behavioural and ridden issues. His expertise has earned him widespread recognition in the equestrian community. Jason’s primary mission is to empower riders of all levels and aspirations. Whether you’re after a safe hack or are a leading competition rider, Your Horsemanship, led by Jason, is the ultimate destination.

Jason’s approach revolves around building a genuine connection between the rider and horse, emphasizing trust and respect. He emphasizes developing a deep understanding, giving people the necessary knowledge for equestrian expertise. Establishing his reputation through word of mouth, Jason has collaborated with international riders across various disciplines, world-renowned studs, and recreational riders alike. Informed by his personal experiences and the accumulated wisdom passed down through many generations, Jason’s training centres around the MO:RE4 training method, which he will discuss further.

Revolutionising equestrian training paradigms, Jason Webb goes beyond traditional methods, significantly influencing how individuals connect with and train their horses. His exceptional patience and profound understanding of horse behaviour have propelled him into high demand as a sought-after horse trainer. Through a series of regular clinics, courses, camps, and demonstrations, Jason actively contributes to aiding in the development of partnerships between horses and riders, whatever their aspirations.


Grainne Flavin

Grainne Flavin is from Northern Ireland (Area 17). She been involved with the Pony Club for the past 40 years, as a former riding member, a current coach and a Pony Club mum. Grainne is an established coach in her area and worked her way through the PCCC coaching pathway to where she is today. She brings energy and enthusiasm to teaching the members of the Pony Club, from Grass roots upwards. Grainne’s speciality is incorporating games and challenges into her lessons, that subconsciously builds confidence in her riders, whilst having a lot of Fun!

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