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What is Dressage?

Dressage is about showing the judge that you can get your pony to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it.

You and your pony have to follow a set of instructions laid out in the dressage test.

A judge marks the test. They give you a mark out of ten for how well you carry out each instruction. At the end of the test the marks are added up and the winner is the horse and rider with the highest score.

How Do I Get Involved?

The good news is that you have probably already started doing some Dressage!

When you are riding at home and getting the pony to do the things that you want him to do you are already practising the basics of dressage.

To improve you and your pony, you might want to have lessons with an instructor. This includes the lessons that you have at a rally, where you will get help with your riding which will make the pony behave better and listen to you more.

How Do I Progress Further?

As you and your pony get better and your confidence grows you may want to take part in a competition. If you cannot remember your dressage test, don’t worry as someone can read the test out loud to you (apart from at Area Competitions and the Championships).

With lots of practice and competition experience you may get to compete at National Pony Club Dressage competitions:

Dressage Rules

2020 Rule Books will still be current in 2021 apart from where changes are specified in additional eligibility rules and guidance.  All these can be found below.

Dressage Rulebook
PDF - 544 kB
Sport Rule Changes For 2021
PDF - 228 kB
Additional Eligibility Rule for 2021 Championships
PDF - 88 kB
Guide To Qualifying For The Dressage Championships 2021
PDF - 86 kB

Please note that the Dressage Test on page 63 is titled incorrectly. The test is actually the PC90 Eventing Test 2013. All dressage tests can be found on the Dressage Test Page

Dressage Contacts

Helen Griffiths
Dressage Chairman
Laura Armstrong
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2
Dengie Winter Dressage Championships
The Pony Club Dressage Championships