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What is Endurance?

Based around developing the relationship between horse and rider, Endurance encourages young people to input into the training of horses from an early age, with the rides open to Members aged 5 and over.

It is a ride, usually over open country, along a specified route for a set distance with specific speed requirements. Members are issued with a map of the route a few days before the competition to study carefully and measure in order to plan the ride pace and finish in time. There are checkpoints along the route and most competitive rides also require the horse or pony to be vetted before and after the ride.

How Do I Get Involved?

The Pony Club introduced endurance riding as one of its sports in 1997, today there are five ride levels, ranging from level 1 (Merlin) which are rides under 10 kilometres, to level 5 (Eagle) which are advanced rides over 40 kilometres.

Pony Club Members can take part in Endurance through rides organised by Branches and Centres, or they can access rides organised by national governing bodies; Endurance GB, Scottish Endurance and the Irish Long Distance Riding Association, with the main aim to qualify for the Endurance Championships!

How Do I Progress Further?

Last year the Endurance Committee were presented with an opportunity to hold the Pony Club Endurance Championships at Euston Park alongside HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rachid Al Maktoum UK Endurance Festival. This provided Members with a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of an International event where professional Endurance Riders from all over the world travelled to compete on some of the best Endurance Tracks in the UK. For 2019, The Pony Club Endurance Championships will once again take place at this prestigious event, thanks to the continued support from HPG Endurance ltd, part of the HPower Group, and in collaboration with Endurance GB.

Endurance Rulebook
PDF - 266 kB

Endurance Contacts

Robert Blane
Endurance Chairman
Zoe Pulling
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2
Laura Armstrong
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2
Emma Holliwell
Development Officer (Sports Team)
T 02476 698300 option 2