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We are pleased to be a part of an exciting opportunity for members to take part in an International Virtual Dressage Competition alongside other members from Pony Club International Alliance (PCIA) countries.

Congratulations to the members who have been selected to represent the United Kingdom at this year's competition. You can see the selected members below.

Keep up to date with the competition by clicking here.

Results 2023

Congratulations to our teams and members who were placed in the competition! A full set of results is available further down.


Class 1b - Training Level

Winning Team - United Kingdom

1st - Jess Lee, Lord Leconfield Hunt

3rd - Isobel Kilroy, South Oxfordshire Hunt Central

6th - Lilly Davies, Vale of Aylesbury Hunt


Class 2 - First Level

Winning Team - United Kingdom

2nd - EllieMae Tilley, Atherstone Hunt

3rd - Isobel Kilroy, South Oxfordshire Hunt Central

5th - Grace Brighton, Albrighton Woodland Hunt


Class 4 - Third Level

Third Team - International (2 x UK members)

4th - Charlotte Chadwick, Cotley Hunt


Class 5 - Pas de Deux, Freestyle

5th - Holly Burgess & Evie Craigie, Bennachie


Class 6 - Prix Caprilli

Winning Team - International (3 x UK members)

3rd - Harriet Boyd, Atherstone Hunt

4th - Gracie Tomkins, Atherstone Hunt

Full Results 2023
2023 PCIA Virtual Dressage Results
XLSX - 59 kB

Selected Members

Class 1 - Training Level Class 2 - First Level

Jess Lee & Black Jack, Lord Leconfield Hunt

Sophie Lawson & Travallion Peter, East Stirlingshire

Isobel Kilroy & Mary Star, South Oxfordshire Hunt Central

Lilly Davies & Holyoake Galaxy, Vale of Aylesbury Hunt

Elliemay Tilley & Teddy, Atherstone Hunt

Holly Burgess & Apache Joe, Bennachie

Isobel Kilroy & Coolattin Apache, South Oxfordshire Hunt South

Grace Brighton & Spring Hill's Charisma Bay

Class 3 - Second Level Class 4 - Third Level

Ellie El Khamlichi, Atherstone Hunt

Rebecca Parsonage & Donnella, Ludlow Hunt

Polly Quaile & Kinetic Horizon, Strathblane & District

Isla McCallum & Luna V, Duke of Buccleuch's Hunt

Rebecca Parsonage & Wacton Billy, Ludlow Hunt

Charlotte Chadwick & Bogrant, Cotley Hunt

Class 5 - Pas de Deux Freestyle Class 6 - Prix Caprilli

Holly Burgess & Apache Joe, Bennachie

Evie Craigie & Ballyard Silver Susie, Bennachie

Harriet Boyd & Irish Faerie Myth, Atherstone Hunt

Charlie Britnell & Dakota Snow Chief, South Oxfordshire Hunt Central

Gracie Tomkins & Portarra Star, Atherstone Hunt


  Class Name Dressage Test Eligibility
Class 1 Training Level USDF Training Level Test 1 (2023) 14 years and under*
Class 2 First Level USDF First Level Test 1 (2023) 18 years and under* and hold C Test
Class 3 Second Level USDF Second Level Test 1 (2023) 25 years and under* and hold B (Care) Test
Class 4 Third Level USDF Third Level Test 1 (2023) 25 years and under*
Class 5

Pas de Deux Freestyle to Music (Training, Level 1 or Level 2)

Fancy Dress optional

USDF Pas de Deux Freestyle

Note: USDF Rules for Pas de Deux

No age restriction
Class 6 Prix Caprilli NZPCA Prix Caprilli Test Y No age restriction

* Age as of 1st January 2023


The Pony Club rules ( with the following modifications/ clarifications:

1. Videos

  • Tests should be ridden specifically for this show and during the specified period.
  • Any video which is suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be accepted.
  • It is not necessary to submit the video of your first attempt. You may repeat the test as many times as you need and submit only the best video.

2. Dress

  • Pony Club uniform from respective jurisdiction.
  • Long or short riding boots accepted.
  • White gloves must be worn.

3. Double Bridles

  • Not permitted for Classes 1, 2, 3 or 6.
  • Permitted for Class 4 and Class 5 (Pas de Deux Freestyle to Music) tests ridden at Third Level or above.

4. Filming

  • Film from C, the judge’s position.
  • If filming on a smartphone, hold the device in landscape orientation.
  • Use some zoom when the horse/pony and rider are at the A end of the arena.
  • Entries may be marked down or disqualified if the judge cannot see the entirety of both rider and horse/pony clearly during every movement, at the discretion of the judge.

5. Class 5 Pas de Deux Freestyle to Music

  • USDF 2019 Pas de Deux Rules and Guidelines
  • Pas de deux may be performed at any level. Please specify the level together with your video submission.
  • Fancy dress for riders and horses/ ponies is welcomed for this class.

Video hints and tips

You will need a friend or parent to film your test for you. Ask them to follow these instructions to ensure your test can be judged online.

Filming position

  • Film from behind the judge's position at the C marker, outside the arena
  • If it's a sunny day, try to ensure the sun is behind the camera
  • If you can, mount the device on a tripod to keep it steady


  • If filming on a smartphone, hold the device in the landscape orientation
  • Start filming a short time before the rider enters at A, e.g. as the rider passes the E or B marker
  • Keep the horse and rider in the centre of the frame
  • Sound must be recorded.


  • Avoid excessive zooming in and out - the judge will need to see the part of the arena the competitor is in and the whole horse and rider clearly
  • Some zooming is necessary when the horse and rider are at the far end of the arena


  • The horse and rider should fill about half of the vertical space in the frame whenever possible.

Video formats

  • We can accept the following file formats: MOV, MOD, AVI, MP4, M4V, WMV

Option 1: Uploading your video directly

  • Go to our show website
  • Find your class and your entry under your class heading. Select the Edit button for your entry and then the Upload from the menu.
  • Follow the instructions on-screen
  • The video may take some time depending on your broadband speed and size of the file

Reducing your video file size

  • If your video exceeds the file size allowed you will need to compress it
  • You can do this using video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker (on a PC) or iMovie (on Mac)

Option 2: Upload your video to YouTube first then paste a link

  • Upload your video to your YouTube account and ensure it plays back in full
  • Make sure you set your video settings to unlisted or public
  • Go to show website; find and select your entry (as above for option 1) but select the Link option from the menu.
  • Copy the link to your YouTube video and paste it into the insert link box

Results 2022

A huge congratulations to all of The Pony Club Members across the world for taking part in the Pony Club International Alliance Dressage Competition. Here in the UK we are pleased to see the success of our members in all of the classes.