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Codes of Conduct

The Pony Club has the following Codes of Conduct available:

  • Members
  • Parents/guardians
  • Coaches
  • Volunteers/Officials

Each code of conduct outlines what is expected of individuals when in attendance at Pony Club events, whether acting in an official capacity, participating in the event itself or spectating.

All codes of conduct are available to download - click here.

Resolving Complaints


Anti Bullying Guidance
Anti Bullying Guidance
PDF - 123 kB
Child Employment
Child Employment Guidance
PDF - 133 kB
Social Networking
Social Networking
PDF - 140 kB
Best Practice for Social Media
PDF - 360 kB
E-Safety Guidance for Officials, Employees and Volunteers
PDF - 456 kB
E-Safety Guidance for Parents and Guardians
PDF - 442 kB
E-Safety Guidelines for Young People
PDF - 477 kB
Photography Downloads
Photographs At Pony Club Events
PDF - 80 kB
Branch Photographic Consent Form
PDF - 63 kB
Centre Photographic Consent Form
PDF - 78 kB
Combatting Terrorism
Combatting Terrorism
PDF - 117 kB
LGBTQ Guidance
Guidance On LGBTQ Issues In The Pony Club
PDF - 149 kB
Mental Health