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The Pony Club has a statutory duty to protect children and safeguard their welfare. Participants in Pony Club activities are entitled to expect a safe and enjoyable environment.

“Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play. Children who need help and protection deserve high quality and effective support as soon as the need is identified.” (Working together to safeguard children, 2020)

The Pony Club Safeguarding Policy can be found via the link here. Other core documents and materials are available on the Resource Hub. Further support can be obtained via The Pony Club Safeguarding Team whose contact details are listed at the bottom of this page.

If you feel there is a child or adult at risk in immediate danger, you are advised to contact your local Social Care Service or the police immediately.

Parents and Guardians Roles at The Pony Club

Parents play a vital role in their child’s Pony Club journey – from supporting and guiding their progress, to volunteering at local events. The following guidelines should be followed by parents/guardians:

  • be a positive role model for your child and other members
  • respect coaches, officials, volunteers, members and other parents
  • remember that the main aim of The Pony Club is to teach fairness over competitiveness
  • teach members to show sportsmanship, teamwork and supportiveness
  • use approriate conduct at all times, including on social media channels
  • promote the wellbeing of members and their ponies ahead of winning

Coaches Roles at The Pony Club

As a Pony Club coach, you play a key role in providing members with positive and enjoyable experiences with The Pony Club from recreational participation through to high level competition, offering great opportunities to enhance members’ knowledge in horse management and riding, and supporting members both in mounted and unmounted activities whilst having fun. You also have an influential role for members to continue in equestrian activity and achieve their potential.


The Code of Conduct for coaches and trainers is built on the principles of integrity, honesty, fair play and respect. These principles are fundamental to The Pony Club and apply to all levels of ability and commitment, with the welfare of the horse or pony at the centre. All coaches must be accredited in accordance with The Pony Club Rules.

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