What is Polocrosse?

Polocrosse is a combination of polo and lacrosse. It is a team sport played on horseback and players use racquets with a square or round head and loose net to pick up, carry, throw, catch and bounce a soft sponge ball. Two sections of three players play against each other with the aim to score the most goals.

A chukka in polocrosse lasts six minutes and after each one there is a break of at least six minutes so the rider and horse can recover. This means each player only needs one horse to play a match of polocrosse. While the players and horses are resting two other sections of players will normally be on the pitch playing.

Most Pony Club players start playing on their existing horses and ponies and it is amazing how quickly both the members and horses pick up the game and skills involved in just a few training sessions. At the top level, it is a fast paced and very exciting sport to both watch and play, with both players and horses showing some amazing moves. At all levels it is a lot of fun and teaches Pony Club members a number of very useful skills, improves their balance and confidence and it can also give a great understanding on why having a well trained and responsive horses is important.

How Do I Get Involved?

Polocrosse is played in Branches and Centres all over the UK and also there are open training sessions and tournaments held throughout the UK for members of all Branches and Centres to come along to. You can see our upcoming training sessions and tournament here or on our Facebook Page, Pony Club Polocrosse

If polocrosse is not yet played in your Branch or Centre and you would like to start playing it then get in touch with us on polocrosse@pcuk.org and we can help you arrange some training days with an experienced coach or help you find a local training session.

To get involved with Polocrosse and give it a go please talk to your Branch or Centre to find out if they will arrange a Taster Session where you can find out more. The session can then carry out the ‘Intro to Polocrosse’ Badge whilst teaching.

How Do I Progress Further?

Our Polocrosse coaches will provide the equipment needed for training days but if you do require Polocrosse equipment then please get in touch with us on polocrosse@pcuk.org and we can help you find some.

Polocrosse Area Coordinators

Please find below a list of Polocrosse Area coordinators. The Area coordinators can help you organise introductory polocrosse sessions for Branches and Centres that are keen to take up the sport. They can put you in touch with accredited coaches who can come and run training sessions and bring all the necessary equipment with them.

Area coordinators also try to organise open Polocrosse training days and competitions for all Members to attend.  So if you are keen to try the sport then please get in touch with your Area coordinator and they should be able to help you.

If there is not currently a nominated Area coordinator for your area or you can’t get in touch with them, then please get in touch via polocrosse@pcuk.org or by telephone on 02476 698300.


Key Competitions & Events

Polocrosse Championships

The Polocrosse Championships are a national competition for Pony Club Branches and Centres. Held annually at The Pony Club Championships, they feature a range of classes for members of all ages. The Polocrosse Championships are open to any Pony Club Branch or Centre within the UK. If you’re interested in competing, speak to your club and get a team together! If your club doesn’t have enough players to make a team, you can also enter a mixed Branch/Centre team.

Four Nations

The Four Nations is an invitational camp and tournament which sees teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland competing across Mini, Junior and Senior sections to determine the overall champion. The action is fast-paced and features some of the best young Polocrosse players from all across the UK!

Arena Challenge

Held in the Super Arena at Dallas Burston Polo Club, the Arena Challenge always proves a great way to start the polocrosse season.

Classes are run for:

  • Minis – Members 12 and under, ponies under 138cm
  • Juniors – Members 15 and under, horses of any height
  • Seniors – Members of any age, horses over 138cm
Autumn Challenge 

The Autumn Challenge is our end of season event and sees the opportunity for Pony Club members and their friends and family to come together to take part in a tournament.

The event is usually held in September and has moved venue throughout the country since the Autumn Challenge started in 2019.


Arena Challenge 2024

Held in the Super Arena at Dallas Burston Polo Club, the Arena Challenge always proves a great way to start the polocrosse season. The 2024 event took place on the 27th and 28th of April and saw over 60 Pony Club members from around the country compete for the different grades, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. There were Pony Club members as young as 6 years old, all the way up to the Pony Club’s age limit of 25 years old!

Well done to the winner listed below, click on the link for a full round of up the weekend.

  • Best female player – Millie Dacosta Evans (South Northumberland)
  • Best male player – Jack Page (Essex Farmers)
  • Novice Minis – Walpole & District
  • Open Minis – Dragons
  • Novice Juniors – Warwickshire Hunt
  • Open Juniors – Essex & Suffolk
  • Novice Seniors – North Warwickshire
  • Open Seniors – Hawks



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Laura Armstrong

Lead Sports Officer
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Iain Heaton

Polocrosse Chairman (Volunteer)