What is Dressage?

Dressage is a sport where horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements set out in a dressage test with precision and grace. It emphasises the harmony between the two, showcasing the horse’s athleticism and the rider’s skill in communication and control.

A judge marks the test. They give you a mark out of ten for how well you carry out each instruction. At the end of the test the marks are added up and the winner is the horse and rider with the highest score.

How Do I Get Involved?

The good news is that you have probably already started doing some Dressage! When you are riding at home and getting the pony to do the things that you want him to do you are already practising the basics of dressage.

To improve you and your pony, you might want to have lessons with an instructor. This includes the lessons that you have at a rally, where you will get help with your riding which will make the pony behave better and listen to you more.

How Do I Progress Further?

As you and your pony get better and your confidence grows you may want to take part in a competition. If you cannot remember your dressage test, don’t worry as someone can read the test out loud to you (apart from at Area Competitions and the Championships).

Check out what Events and Competitions you can enter through our Calendar.


Key Competitions & Events

Dressage Area Competitions & Championships

The Dressage Championships are the top event in The Pony Club’s calendar. They form part of The Pony Club Championships and see the top Pony Club dressage riders from across the UK competing across multiple classes. Members can qualify through high placings at their respective Area Competitions.

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Elite Individual Dressage Competition

Test out your next level training in a Championship environment, but without the pressure of having it on your record. A direct entry competition held at The Pony Club Championships, open to any Member of The Pony Club riding any level of horse or pony. The test to be used will be British Dressage Medium test.

PCIA Dressage Competition sponsored by Agria

We are pleased to be a part of an exciting opportunity for members to take part in an International Virtual Dressage Competition alongside other members from Pony Club International Alliance (PCIA) countries.

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Dressage to Music

Direct entry classes are available at The Spring Festival Final and at The Pony Club Championships. Perform a choreographed freestyle dressage test to music as an individual or in a pair.

Home International Dressage Competition

Held at RWHS, the competition comprises of teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Each team will be made up of two Open level riders, two Intermediate level riders and one Novice level rider who are selected based on their results at The Pony Club National Championships.

Dressage Test Information

Summer Area Competitions and Championships 2024
Level Area TestChampionship Test
Preliminary PC70 Preliminary PC70 Dressage Test 2022Preliminary PC70 Dressage Test 2022
Grassroots PC80 Grassroots PC80 Dressage Test 2018Grassroots PC80 Dressage Championship Test 2024
NovicePC Novice Dressage Test 2020PC Novice Dressage Championship Test 2017
IntermediatePC Intermediate Dressage Test 2024PC Intermediate Dressage Championship Test 2023
OpenPC Open Dressage Test 2020PC Open Dressage Championship Test 2018
Freestyle Dressage to Music Tests
Level Test
NoviceNovice Freestyle Dressage to Music 2023
IntermediateIntermediate Freestyle Dressage to Music 2023
OpenOpen Freestyle Dressage to Music 2023
PairsPairs Freestyle Dressage to Music 2023

Training Ideas and Learning Tools

www.dressage-master.com – Provides audio versions of all Pony Club dressage tests for downloading to MP3 players or Smartphones, for learning or revising them anywhere, even while riding the test through. The tests, called in real time, are accompanied by the beat of a metronome. This allows the movements and timing of the tests to become synchronised in the sub-conscious, ready for easy recall, at the right time and place as the test is ridden.

www.dressageanywhere.com – Allows to you to practise your Pony Club Dressage Tests at home before a live competition. Enter a Pony Club class online, upload a video of yourself performing your test and have it judged by a top level judge.

www.dressagediagrams.com – Offer diagrams of the movements to go with all Pony Club Tests.

Dressage Contacts

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Laura Armstrong

Lead Sports Officer
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Helen Griffiths

Dressage Chairman (Volunteer)