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What are the Tetrathlon Championships?

Generally staged in early August, the Championships are the culmination of the Tetrathlon year. Those who have qualified at their Area competitions converge from all over the UK to compete for top honours as Individuals and Teams over a four day period. Since 2018 the competition has taken place at Offchurch Bury, near Leamington Spa along with other Pony Club Sports to form the The Pony Club Championships. 

2023 Championship dates are 11-19th August, timetable to be confirmed. 

How do I qualify?

To qualify for the Tetrathlon Championships you'll need to enter your Area Competition. These are held over the summer, and the highest placed members from each Area will go forward to the Championships.


The qualifying classes are

  • Open Boys (Team and Individual)
  • Open Girls (Team and Individual)
  • Open Mixed Team
  • Intermediate Boys (Team and Individual)
  • Intermediate Girls (Team and Individual)
  • Intermediate Mixed Team
  • Junior Boys (Team and Individual)
  • Junior Girls (Team and Individual)
  • Junior Mixed Team


In accordance with Tetrathlon Rules 2022

At the Championships all competitors who attend will be awarded with a medal. Best Run/Swim/Shoot will also be awarded in each classes. Along with the Gold, Silver and Bronze badges which are awarded for the following:

Gold- 4250 and 1400 ride

Silver- 4100 and 1400 ride

Bronze-3900 and 1400 ride

We also have awards for:

Youngest Open Girl that completed all phrases

Youngest Open Boy that completed all phrases

Youngest Intermediate Boy that completed all phrases

Youngest Intermediate Girl that completed all phrases

The winners must have completed all phrases at the championship competition. 


Please click here to see The Pony Club Championship Tetrathlon Championship 2022 Results. 

Stepping Stones Competition


Competitors must not have competed at Junior level or above at Regional or Area competitions.

Minimus Regional Team Competition - Open to Members aged 11 and under (on 1st January of the current calendar year). Teams of four or five and can be any mix of boys or girls. If a team consists of five, then it score is the sum of the best four performance overall. 

Minimus Individual Competition - Open to Minimus Regional Team competitors. The scores for all competitors automatically count for this competition. Boys and Girls will be split.

No horse or pony may complete more than 3 Show Jumping rounds.

All competitors must be a minimum of 8 years old on the day of the competition. Entries via Regional Team Managers who must certify that all members are competent to shoot prior to the commencement of the
shooting phase.

Priority entries will be given to 2 teams per region. Numbers will be limited.

Entries to be completed online as per The Pony Club Championships

▶ Swim – 2 Minutes
▶ Shoot – 7 Metres, turning targets, two handed
▶ Run – 1000m
▶ Ride – Show Jumping course with a slip rail and halt box, to be run in accordance with Arena Jumping rules (Appendix C) - Height 80cm.

In accordance with Tetrathlon Rules 2023

2021 Results

The Results for the 2021 Tetrathlon Competition are available here.

2019 Results
Tetrathlon Championships 2019 Results Mixed Area Teams
PDF - 212 kB
Tetrathlon Championships 2019 Results Junior
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Tetrathlon Championships 2019 Results Intermediate
PDF - 1 mB
Tetrathlon Championships 2019 Results Open
PDF - 845 kB
Tetrathlon Championships 2019 Results Grassroots
PDF - 152 kB
2018 Results
Grassroots 2018
PDF - 24 kB
Junior 2018
PDF - 194 kB
Intermediate 2018
PDF - 162 kB
Mixedareateams 2018
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