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We are pleased to be a part of an exciting opportunity for members to take part in an International Virtual Show Jumping Competition alongside other members from Pony Club International Alliance (PCIA) countries.

Congratulations to the members who represented the United Kingdom at this year's competition. You can see the selected members and results below.

Full Results 2023
PCIA Show Jumping Sub Junior Results 2023
PDF - 427 kB
PCIA Show Jumping Junior Results 2023
PDF - 486 kB
PCIA Show Jumping Senior Results 2023
PDF - 431 kB
PCIA Show Jumping Masters Results 2023
PDF - 423 kB

Team Members 2023

Class 1 - Sub Junior Class 2 - Junior

Isla Brown & Kilcranthan Princess, West Harriers Hunt

Jess Coombes & Aberogwen Timothy, Silverton Hunt

Tabitha Curtis & Kazzan, Seavington

Violet Legg & Cottown Little Rupert, Taunton Vale Harriers

Jess Saunders & Mollie, Silverton Hunt

Oli Lear & Diableux, Taunton Vale Harriers

Laura Trembath & Tet, Taunton Vale

Lolly Meyer & Golden Power, Dulverton West Foxhounds (North Molton) Hunt

Class 3 - Senior Class 4 - Masters

Mimi Woodcliffe & Killycloghan Natalia, Weston Harriers Hunt

Jack Emmett & Blue, Tiverton Hunt

Charlie Bailey & Finally Fi, Seavington

Charley Hosking & Contains Nuts, East Devon Hunt

Mary King & King Louis, ex Axe Vale Hunt

William Fox-Pitt & Picnic, ex Portman Hunt

Tamsyn Hutchins & Popping Candy, ex East Cornwall Hunt

Helen West & Eebay, ex South Devon West


Class Name Height Eligibility (age on 1st Jan)
Subjunior 70cm 12 years and under
Junior 80cm 13 - 16 years
Senior 105cm 25 years and under
Masters 80cm over 25 years