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Points Series

The Pony Club Pony Racing Points Series runs throughout the Racing Season and allows all members participating at Pony Club Race days to gain points based on placings and participation in their height race.

The aim of the Points Series is to recognise members who are performing well in their race and encourage them to progress in Racing.

Points are awarded as follows: 

Placing Points awarded
1st 12
2nd 10
3rd 8
4th 6
5th 4
6th 2
Completing 1


For example, a member who takes part in six race days and comes 4th in two of them and doesn't place in the others can still accumulate 18 points.

2022 Results

The Pony Club would like to give special thanks to RaceTech for their kind sponsorship during 2022 and positive encouragement to all the members to keep racing. Kate Hills from RaceTech explained “We are very proud to support The Pony Club Pony Racing and look forward to seeing where these jockeys progress to in the future.”

The Points Series came to a close in October and we are pleased to share the top three Pony Club members in the 128 cm, 138 cm and 148 cm divisions. 322 individual members made a total of 549 entries across the 9 Race Days held in 2022. These members came from 107 different Branches and 15 different Centres nationwide, and we are so proud of all of their achievements. 

128cm Results:

Place Name Branch/Centre Pony Points Comments


Eliza McPherson


Crofthill Montague


Eliza took part in 6 of the 9 race days this year, only missing out on Milborne, Ascot and Lingfield. She placed 1st at Wincanton, Bangor, Kelso and Wolverhampton, and 2nd at Haydock Park, having started in the Intermediate class and then staying in the Open for the rest of the season


Charlie Chalmers

South Berks

Ryehall on Broadway


Charlie has had a busy year, taking part in 7 of the 9 race days with much success! Starting the year off well, he placed 1st at Milborne in the Intermediates, and then 2nd in the Open at Ascot. He went on to place in the top 5 places at Wincanton, Haydock and Lingfield.


Alexis Rahman

Royal Artillery

Longthwaite Waterlily


Alexis began racing last year in the Novice section, but this year moved up to the Intermediate class at Cheltenham. After winning the race and moving up to Open, she has been almost unbeatable, coming 2nd at Wincanton and Wolverhampton, and finishing the year with a win at Lingfield.


Winner of the 128cm competition, Eliza McPherson said, 'Every day has been so much fun, and it’s great to see ponies of all shapes and sizes taking part. The organisers who give up their time and make everything run so smoothly are complete stars, and a huge thank you to them". As for the future, she says she wants to be a jockey!


138cm Results:

Place Name Branch/Centre Pony Points Comments


Paddy Finnegan

Quorn Hunt

Rose Of Clare


Paddy has demonstrated how consistency and determination is key. With 7 races in the Open category this year (only missing Milford and Wincanton), Paddy has achieved 7 top 5 placings, including 2 wins and 3 seconds, to finish on an incredible result of 64.


Summer Yeo

South & West Wilts

Brooks Spring


Summer has had an incredible year in the Intermediates, coming 3rd at Ascot and then 2nd at Cheltenham, Wincanton, and Kelso.


Bertie Stone

South & West Wilts

Silver Dollar


New to racing this year, Bertie has taken part in Ascot, Cheltenham, and Wincanton. Having won the Intermediates at Wincanton, we look forward to seeing him step up to Open next year!


Paddy Finnegan, winner of the 138s, was delighted to win this year having been second in 2021 (his first year Pony Racing). He would like to thank his parents for paying for it all, driving him to all the races and helping to keep Rose of Clare fit when he's at school. Also Oisin Murphy for his advice and help, giving him pointers whilst out hunting!
Paddy's aim is to be a National Hunt jockey but possibly start with some flat races if he stays small enough! Looking forward to a great fun day again.


148cm Results: 








Hannah Rose

Burton Cheshire Forest Hunt



A quiet but successful year for Hannah, she started in the Intermediates at Cheltenham coming 2nd and promptly went on to win the Intermediates at Haydock Park. A move up to the Opens saw her win at Bangor, and we look forward to seeing them continue in the Opens next year.


Billy Broomfield

Blackmore & Sparkford Vale

Shotgun Millie


Billy has had a successful year placing 1st at Milborne St Andrew and Wincanton in the Open classes. Billy moved up to Open this year having won the Intermediates at Cheltenham last year.


Alice Cooke

Middleton Hunt

Follow The Fox


A very quiet but very successful season for Alice having won both Open races she took part in at Cheltenham and Haydock. We look forward to seeing more of them next year!


148cm winner Hannah Rose said "Winning the points series makes me feel unbelievably proud of my pony Calypso as she gives me her all and keeps me safe in every race. I would like to say thank you to my mum who has driven me to many races around the country and I'd also like to thank the organisers of the pony club race days for all their hard work. I hope to become a successful jockey in my future career riding racehorses, my favourite jockey is Daryl Jacob and I aspire to be as great as him!"

The Pony Club Pony Racing Committee would like to express their pride in what each and every Branch and Centre member alike have achieved this season. They very much look forward to seeing what next season holds and wish all jockeys the best for the future.

The Pony Racing Points Series 2022 is kindly supported by RaceTech