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What is the Hurlingham Polo Association?

The Hurlingham Polo Association is the governing body for polo in the UK, Ireland and many other parts of the Commonwealth. The HPA is responsible for the rules and regulations under which the game is played. The object of the HPA is to further the interest in the game of polo and support, by all possible means, the common interests of its affiliated clubs and associations.

The HPA is currently affiliated with:

  • 57 outdoor clubs in the UK
  • 9 outdoor clubs in Ireland
  • 28 arena clubs in the UK and Ireland
  • 6 associations in the UK and Ireland
  • 27 overseas clubs and associations

Overseas scholarships are available to Pony Club members for the improvement of pony welfare and player skill.

Any player who is a member of a polo club in the UK or Ireland are automatically associate members of the HPA.

For more information please see the HPA website

HPA Training Grant

The Hurlingham Polo Association Polo Charity has awarded the Pony Club a donation to be put towards the development and growth of youth polo through training and taster days. Pony Club Branches and Centres may apply for all or part of the cost of their taster, rally or training day.

The following conditions should be met:

  • Pony Club Branches/Centres who currently do not take part in Polo may apply for 100% of the cost of the coach and venue for the taster/rally
  • Pony Club Branches/Centres who currently do take part in Polo may apply for 50% of the cost of the coach and venue for the taster/rally
  • HPA accredited coaches must be used (please note that the coach will also need a DBS check to be in sole charge of a Pony Club group – this can be done through either the HPA or the Pony Club). Alternatively the coach can be accompanied by a Pony Club instructor. The Pony Club Polo committee will assist in sending a coach if none is nearby and the coach and/or committee can help with choosing a suitable venue
  • The training may be open to all ages but the grant only applies to under 14s
  • The grant will apply to the cost of coach and venue
  • The organiser must submit a report in order for the grant payment to be made – this will include an outline of the day, the name of the coach used and a list of those under 14 who took part, please find the report form below

Subject to the above conditions being met and funds being available, the payment will be made directly to the Branch/Centre.

Please use the forms below to apply and claim for funding.

Training Grant Application Form 2019
PDF - 119 kB
Training Grant Report Form 2019
PDF - 101 kB