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New for 2023

The Introduction of Mounted Games Area Coordinators is to take place to support the sport from 2023. 

Their purpose will be: 

The Area coordinators can help you organise introductory sessions for Branches and Centres that are keen to take up the sport. They can put you in touch with accredited coaches who can come and run training sessions and bring all the necessary equipment with them.

Area coordinators also try to organise open training days and competitions for all Members to attend.  So if you are keen to try the sport then please get in touch with your Area coordinator and they should be able to help you. For more information on organising a Novice Competition, please click here to access our Novice Competition page.

Application Process

To apply for this role please read and review the role description below that shared additional details on what is involved and complete the online application form: 

Apply here 

To support application you will need

  • Pony Club Number on the coaching database (PELHAM)
  • All Coaching Criteria in date 
  • Current CV
  • Answer 3 questions 
    • Please share details of your experience in the sport to support and official steward at competitions
    • Share why the growth of Mounted Games with in the Pony Club s important to you
    • State dates you would be available to support Pony Club Mounted Games Competitions


Applications are on going and we welcome all interested to apply.

Area Coordinator Role Description
MG Area Coordinator Role (002)
PDF - 136 kB

Area Coordinators

Area  Name Email Address
1   Apply to be the Area 1 coordinator here
2   Apply to be the Area 2 coordinator here
3   Apply to be the Area 3 coordinator here
4 Elaine Barker
5 Clare Dawson
6   Apply to be the Area 6 coordinator here
7 Caroline Chadwick
8 Simon Duddy
9   Apply to be the Area 9 coordinator here
10 Alison Davies
11 Sheila Barbour
12   Apply to be the Area 12 coordinator here
13   Apply to be the Area 13 coordinator here
14 Nicola Way 
15   Apply to be the Area 15 coordinator here
16   Apply to be the Area 16 coordinator here
17 Biffy Booth
18 Dennis Whitney 
19 May Wylie