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The EQUIDRY Chairman's Cup 2023

The EQUIDRY Chairman's Cup 2023

The Chairman's Cup will be a new class at this year's JCB Pony Club Championships 2023

Sponsored by EQUIDRY, The Chairman's Cup Class will bring a new format of Eventing to The Pony Club Championships, featuring a Trot Up prior to The Dressage Phase, followed by the Cross Country and finally on the last day, Show Jumping in reverse order. 

The Chairman's Cup is a team and individual competition.

How can you qualify for the Chairman Cup? 

There are a few ways you can qualify -

  • By competing and being successful at your Area Competition in The Chairman's Cup qualifying Class.
  • All those qualified for the PC110 Championships at Wellington are automatically qualified for the Chairman’s Cup at The Pony Club Championships.
  • Individuals may qualify if they have a minimum of 4 MERS. A MER can be gained at BE100 or PC100 and above (with verifiable results on or with:
  • No more than 45 Dressage penalty points
  • A clear round Cross Country with no more than 30-time penalties
  • A Show Jumping round with no more than 12 jumping penalties.
  • MERS must be gained between 21st August 2022 and 31st July 2023.
  • Those members who qualify through the MERS route may be added to a Branch Team to increase the number to four.
  • They may not displace a member who qualified at their Area Competition unless that member is unable to compete.
  • In the event of oversubscription priority will be given to those who qualify via their Area competition.

Further details will be announced soon, but The Chairman's Cup will have some exciting prizes including one for the best dressed rider in the Trot Up as well as the best turned out horse!  


Dressage Chairman's Cup

The Test for the EquiDry Chairman's Cup 2023 are:

Area- PC110 Eventing Test 2022

Championship- PC110 Eventing Championship Test 2015

Showjumping Chairman's Cup

At the Championships the showjumping will be held on the final day in reverse order of placings. 


PC Chairman’s Cup

Max length of course




Obstacles Max height


Max spread - highest point


Max spread – base


Cross Country Chairman's Cup


 PC Chairman’s Cup

Length of course

1800m - 3,120m*



Obstacles No. of Jumping efforts


Max height


With height and spread (Max spread - highest point)


With height and spread (Max spread - base)


With spread only (Max spread without height)


Drop fences Max drop


Jump into and out of water

Max depth of water



At the Eventing Championships, the length of the course may be increased to 2,500-3,500m and the number of jumping efforts may be increased to 25-30.