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Dressage Home International at Virtual RWHS 2020

The Pony Club is very excited to be part of the Virtual Windsor Series and to be able give our members the opportunity to be part of their nations team and compete in The Pony Club Dressage Home International.

Running in a similar format as the “live” Pony Club Home International a team from each nation, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, will compete against each other. The teams are made up of four members, two Open level riders, one Intermediate level rider and one Novice level rider. They will ride the Pony Club Championship Test at the relevant level and under Pony Club rules.

To find the teams we are inviting all eligible PC members to enter an online qualifying round. This will require the combination to submit a video of the relevant test being ridden for judging. The combination with the highest marks will make up the teams.

Please note this is a separate competition from live Windsor and the team members selected for 2020 will keep their place for 2021.


Rider must be a current member of The Pony Club.

The branch/centre the member belongs to will determine which nation they will compete for.

Riders must be eligible for the level they are riding at. Eligibility is based on the current Dressage Rule Book (rule 38).

Combination of horse and rider must have TWO results, one of which should be a Pony Club test, of 67% or above at the level they wish to ride at, from either:

  • 2019 Pony Club Area Competition
  • 2019 Pony Club Winter Series Championship
  • 2018 Pony Club National Championship
  • 2019 British Dressage Competition (does not include My Quest or Team Quest)

Please note that Dressage to Music or Dressage Anywhere tests do not count.

For BD sheets:

  • PC Novice is equivalent to BD Preliminary
  • PC Intermediate is equivalent to BD Novice
  • PC Open is equivalent to BD Elementary

Screenshots of results will be accepted but must be verifiable by the Dressage Committee.

Qualifying Test

The virtual qualifying test will be ridden on a correct size grass arena with DC/Proprietor/Area Rep stewarding for fair play. To verify this, the DC/Proprietor/Area Rep stewarding should present the riders name at the start of the video.

Riders and horses should be correctly turned out in competition clothing and equipment as per Pony Club Dressage Rules.

The tests will be sent to a panel of three BD listed judges, one of whom is completly independent of The Pony Club.

Video hints and tips:

  • The test should be filmed from behind the judge's position at the C marker, outside the arena
  • Try and keep the device steady
  • Start filming a short time before the rider enters at A
  • Keep the horse and rider in the centre of the frame
  • Sound must be recorded
  • Avoid excessive zooming in and out although some may be necessary when the horse and rider are at the far end of the arena


Entries open on 14th August 2020 and close on 4th September 2020 and can be made online at

The entry fee is £12.00 per combination.

To enter you will need to upload the two results to confirm eligibility as well as the video link of your ridden test to be judged.

The ridden tests will then be judges and the top riders at each level in each nation will make up the team to compete at the Virtual Autumn Windsor Series. Rosettes will be awarded to 10th place at each level.

The Virtual Autumn Windsor Series will be live streamed on 25th - 27th September 2020 with more details to follow.


Any queries email dressage@pcuk


Q: I've lost/thrown out my old dressage tests, how can I take part?

A: We are happy to accept screenshots of scoreboards/result sheets showing the competition result. These will need to be verified as authentic by the Dressage Committee.


Q: How do I decide what level I can ride at?

A: This is based on PC Dressage eligibility rules in the current Dressage Rule Book (rule 38). Please refer to the rules specific to the Championships.