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Changes to DBS (August 2020)

Please note that the following information is for Branches and Linked Centres only.

If you are a coach or volunteer and you need to contact your Branch/Centre directly and they will advise on how to obtain your DBS check.


CEO Update: 31st July 2020

DBS (England & Wales)

Disclosure Services have provided the online DBS service on behalf of The Pony Club for several years now with most Branches and Centres holding their own accounts.

Processing of disclosure checks in Wales and England will be directly between the Branch/Centre and Disclosure Services for all accounts needs, queries and payments. This should be more efficient, flexible and quicker than the current arrangements.

If you aren’t currently set up with an account to process DBS checks online, please contact Disclosure Services directly to discuss how to do this.

Disclosure Services contact details are as follows:

Tel: 01978 510100

What is DBS?

What are DBS checks?

Disclosure checks for England and Wales are referred to as Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) checks. There are three levels of DBS checks – basic, standard and enhanced. The Children’s and Adults’ Barring List can also be inclusive on a criminal record check for those who carry out roles with children and/or adults at risk (refer to regulated activity for more information). The amount of detail provided on disclosure certificates vary depending on the level of check required.

  • Basic checks provide details on unspent convictions only.
  • Standard checks provide details on unspent and spent convictions and cautions.
  • Enhanced checks provide details on unspent and spent convictions, cautions, and police intelligence if deemed relevant.
  • Inclusion of children’s barring list will provide any relevant information that may affect the employment decision on a person’s suitability for working with children.
  • Inclusion of adults’ barring list will provide any relevant information that may affect the employment decision on a person’s suitability for working with children.

What do I need for The Pony Club?

For the purposes of The Pony Club, staff and volunteers are required to have an enhanced check with child barring list.

Frequently Asked Questions: DBS (England & Wales)

This section is designed to provide further information for Branches and Centres with processing applications for their workforce. Please contact your branch/centre if you need to renew your DBS certificate.

Q: Why has The Pony Club stopped processing applications centrally?

The covid-19 lockdown has provided the opportunity to review our offering and strive for improvement for our network of volunteers. Disclosure checks is one area that the central office does not need to have involvement with.

Q: When does this transition take effect?

This transition will take immediate effect. Most branches and centres are already registered with Disclosure Services, so everything will continue as normal. Branches and centres, who do not have an account set up, are encouraged to contact the new provider to get up and running with this.

Q: How do we obtain DBS checks going forwards?

Disclosure Services have offered the online application process for several years and this will continue.

Q: Who do we register with and what are their contact details?

Branches and Centres can open an account by completed the 'New Customer Enquiry Form'.

If you think you already have an account open, email Disclosure Services directly and ask for the login details.

               E: T: 01978 510100

Q: What is the process for DBS applications now?

Disclosure Services have a resource library complete with how to guides and videos to support with this process. We do recommend you look at these.

Disclosure Services
T 01978 510100
Self Disclosure Form
PDF - 166 kB
DBS Update Service Consent Form
PDF - 88 kB