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As of 1st July 2023 there are some changes to The Pony Club Members third party liability insurance policy.  The new policy wording can be downloaded as usual but the material changes can be summarised as follows:


  • Pony Club Centre Members and Non-Riding Members previously had exactly the same cover as Branch and Centre Plus Members.  From 1st July, the Centre and Non-Riding Members insurance cover will not include claims arising from their ‘ownership’ of a horse or pony. They will still have cover for their use or control of a horse as per the previous policy.  The only exception is when a Centre or Non-Riding member buys their own horse/pony during their membership period, their policy cover will extend to include their ownership of the horse/pony until the expiry of their Pony Club membership period.  At renewal they will need to upgrade to Centre Plus or Branch membership if they wish to maintain cover for ‘ownership’.  
  • The Pony Club Members policy previously had an extension to provide cover to any person authorised to use the Member’s horse with their permission. This extension is now limited to only cover authorised users whilst in the presence of the member.  We therefore recommend that if anyone if riding or driving your horse when you are not present, you should check that they have their own third party liability cover for these activities.
  • The Grooms extension previously provided cover for any person providing grooming services for you.  Going forward the policy will still provide cover for any groom looking after your horse but it excludes any riding/driving activity that the groom may undertake.  We therefore recommend that if any groom is riding or driving your horse/pony, you should check that they have their own third party liability cover for these activities.
  • The Grooms extension also excludes the activity of any professional groom. Any person looking after horses as their occupation should have their own commercial insurance in place.


The above changes mainly relate to when other people are covered on The Pony Club members policy and makes clearer that members must choose the correct category of membership to obtain the right insurance cover.  Therefore we do not feel that the changes significantly affect the insurance benefits that our member’s automatically receive as part of their membership fee.  We recommend that any person who regularly has contact with horses should have their own third party liability insurance in place.  If you have any queries regarding the insurance cover provided as part of your membership, please contact


Newly introduced in 2023 as part of our insurance renewal is the Micro site, it holds all relevant documents and materials to support Members, Parents and volunteers. 


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Use of All Terrain Vehicles and Motor Cycles

  • You must ensure that users of All Terrain Vehicles and/or Motorcycles adhere to the following guidance on “Use of All Terrain Vehicles and Motorcycles”:





  1. Only officials of the event with experience of driving a car, motorbike or tractor and who have received instruction and training in the use of ATVs or motorcycles should ride or drive them


  1. Drivers and riders should be at least 17 years old, but 16-year olds with experience of farm machinery may drive or ride them


  1. They should not be operated by any person who does not hold an appropriate licence or is disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence.


  1. Passengers should not be carried


  1. The vehicle should be maintained in good condition and be in a fully serviceable state


  1. A helmet (compliant to current standards) must be worn by the rider or driver and loose clothing and shorts should be avoided.


  1. Vehicles should be restricted to ‘off-road’ use and limited to 10 mph.


  1. Great care must be taken when these machines are used in crowds of spectators, close to horses and on uneven terrain.


  1. If the ATV is to be used on the Public Highway then it must have the appropriate Vehicle Excise Duty, Insurance and be road legal. The driver must also comply with the Road Traffic Act and have the appropriate license to use the ATV


The use of any unauthorised vehicles is not permitted at the event.