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Supporting the planning of safe events organised by The Pony Club, its branches and centres is paramount. To aid this we have a variety of useful materials to support and aid the planning process. 

Catering Information

For those arranging activities be it Rallies, Camp, Competition or wider we often need to consider how those attending can access food and drink during their time with us. The Download will support with the arrangement for catering provision and identifies what is needed. 

Catering Download
Catering Information
PDF - 46 kB

Contractors and Facilities Assessments

Assessments of contractors and Facilities being used by the Pony Club and its Branches/ Clubs are to be carried out in support of Risk Assessments. 

The Downloads below support these to take place and seek documentation from the Venue, Facilities or contracts to support use. These are to be retained in line with the Pony Club GDPR Policy. 

Contractors and Facilities
Contractor Assessment 2023
PDF - 103 kB
Questionnaire - Assessment of Hired Facilities
PDF - 190 kB

Movement of Vehicles and Parking

At the majority of our events we need to move vehicles and park them in a safe manner to minimise possible risk, the download provides guidance to support this element that can be shared with attendees if needed

Movement of Vehicles and Parking Download
Guidance For Movement Of Vehicles And Parking At Pony Club Events
PDF - 129 kB

Planning a Safe Pony Club Event Frame Work

The Download below will support the content shared in the Health and Safety Rulebook for planning a Safe Event. 

Planning a Safe Pony Club Event Frame Work Download
Planning A Safe Pony Club Event Framework
PDF - 113 kB
Trade Stand Guidance
Trade Stand Guidance
PDF - 73 kB