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Risk assessment is the cornerstone of good health & safety management, and in achieving the overall aim of reducing injures. To keep the approach clear and simple we provide templates to give an indication of the types of hazards that could be encountered and actions that could be taken, however it is extremely important that these templates are amended and reviewed to ensure the hazards that may cause injury are included, or any other hazards not covered are added.

Risk Assessment Guidance
PDF - 215 kB
Event Organisers Info HSS Rule 1And Schedule
PDF - 101 kB

Risk Assessment Training

The Pony Club provides training to support those carrying out Risk Assessments for activities, this training is open to all- Members, coaches, volunteers and officials. 

The training runs through the basics of carrying out a Risk Assessment such as identifying a Hazard and measures which could be put in place to support a safe event. 

The sessions are conducted via Zoom and are bookable here: 

Risk Assessment Templates
RA21 Template Activities & Rallies
DOCX - 103 kB
RA21 Template Unmounted Activities
DOCX - 108 kB
RA21 Template Residential Activites
DOCX - 105 kB
RA21 Template Dressage
DOCX - 104 kB
RA21 Template Endurance
DOCX - 104 kB
RA21 Template Eventing
DOCX - 108 kB
RA21 Template Mounted Games
DOCX - 111 kB
RA21 Template Polo
DOCX - 105 kB
RA21 Template Polocrosse
DOCX - 105 kB
RA21 Template Pony Race Days
DOCX - 112 kB
RA21 Template Pony Racing Training Days
DOCX - 109 kB
RA21 Template Showjumping
DOCX - 107 kB
RA21 Template Tetrathlon
DOCX - 110 kB
RA21 Template Generic Blank
DOCX - 95 kB
Contractors and Facilities
Questionnaire - Assessment of Hired Facilities
PDF - 190 kB
Contractor Assessment 2023
PDF - 127 kB
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Catering Information
Camp Catering Information
PDF - 174 kB
Useful Documents
Questionnaire - Assessment of Hired Facilities
PDF - 190 kB
Questionnaire - Assessment of Contractors
PDF - 29 kB