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The Pony Club takes the health & welfare of horses and ponies extremely seriously. We focus on the highest standards of equine welfare and veterinary care.

Listed below will find guidance and downloads for veterinary cover, vaccinations and equine welfare below, further details can be found in the Health & Safety Rule Book.

Equine Welfare Policy

Under the Animal Welfare Acts, every owner or person responsible for an animal has a duty of care to ensure the animal’s well-being. The full policy is under review and will be made available soon. 


The Pony Club Equine Influenza Vaccination Rule 2024
PDF - 259 kB
Biosecurity Policy 23 V3
PDF - 128 kB


For all Pony Club activities the organiser must undertake a risk assessment to determine the levels of veterinary cover required. This would be based on the nature of the event, the location and complexity of the site, the number of Members attending with their horses and other significant factors, to define if they need to have a Veterinary Surgeon present, or it is sufficient to use “on call” arrangements.

The recommended level of cover for Pony Club activities are given in Appendix A2 Veterinary Cover Matrix (download below). However, as a result of the risk assessment, the cover for Pony Club activities may be amended to suit the size and complexity of the venue.

Veterinary Matrix
Veterinary Cover Matrix
PDF - 90 kB
Extreme Weather
PDF - 89 kB
Venue Considerations For Horse And Pony Welfare.
PDF - 72 kB
Welfare Position Statements
The Pony Club Position On Whisker Trimming
PDF - 182 kB
The Pony Club Position On Noseband Fitting
PDF - 285 kB
The Pony Club Guidelines On The Use Of Spurs
PDF - 152 kB

British Equestrian Equine Health Week

Started in 2022, British Equestrian Launched Equine Health Week taking place in November. The purpose of the week is to provide educational information direct from experts and useful downloads. 

These can be found to support your club here CLICK HERE 

2022, saw the topic of general health including bio security at home and when attending events along with diseases.