News | 15 May 2024

The Pony Club Thelwell Art Competition 23/24

The 2023/24 Art Competition returned with a BANG! This year’s event, generously supported by Thelwell, who featured not only on our judging panel but also providing wonderful prizes for our finalists.

The theme of ‘Friendship and Adventure’ resonated deeply with Thelwell, and the submitted artwork beautifully captured the close bond between pony, rider and friends.

With a RECORD BREAKING number of entries (OVER 200), here are the results:

  Winner Runner Up
11 & Under Elsie Bull – Old Berkeley Hunt (North) Pippa Swan – South Northumberland
12 – 16 Years Annabel Inman – Bramham Moor Hunt Alys Thomas – Old Mill Stables
17 & Over Ellie Hancox – South Nottinghamshire Lucy Watts – Atherstone Hunt
Team Mill House Team (18 Members) Crawley & Horsham (12 Members)


We would also like to spotlight the stunning artwork that narrowly missed winning but still earned recognition from the judges for its exceptional talent. To view these please go the The Art Competition page on our website.


Elsie Bull                                  Annabel Inman                                     Ellie Hancox                               Mill House Team


Runners Up:

Pippa Swan                                                       Alys Thomas                                                Lucy Watts                                  Crawley & Horsham


We would like to congratulate our finalists, who have been selected as the remaining top 3 in their category. Though they narrowly missed out on a winning or runner-up spot, their exceptional talent and hard work deserves recognition. These artists took inspiration from the theme of ‘Friendship & Adventure’ and interpreted it to produce artwork that highlighted the true meaning of The Pony Club.

Category Members
11 & Under Elsie Oswald
11 & Under Eliza Ball
11 & Under Amiee Taylor
12 -16 Years Marla Loewendhal
12 -16 Years Poppy Tiley
12 -16 Years Bella Kennon
17 & Over Victoria Ellison
17 & Over Harriet Boyd
17 & Over Georgiana Maas
Team Atherstone Hunt
Team Polwhele House Riding School Team
Team Ebony Horse Club


Highly Commended

We would finally like to congratulate the following members who have been awarded a special commendation for their submission. These awards were selected individually by the judges, who described the entries as “beautiful”.  With a such an oustanding number of excellent entries this year, we felt it was important to commend additional members who demonstrated great talent and only narrowly missed out on a finalist spot.

Category Members
11 & Under Ben Roney
11 & Under Molly Spencer
11 & Under Olivia McGhie
11 & Under Rosie-May  Colborne
11 & Under Evangeline Thomson
11 & Under Brooklea Hill
11 & Under Lynette Ng
11 & Under Bree Udell
11 & Under Heidi Hobson
11 & Under Faith Barnicoat
11 & Under Annabel Lloyd-Hughes
11 & Under Natalie Rzepka
11 & Under Aksinya Levin
11 & Under Elizabeth Man
11 & Under Bo Udell
11 & Under Heulwen Jones
11 & Under Seraphina Haddrill-Rankin
11 & Under Matilda Gaskell
12 – 16 Years Lisbeth Karjus
12 – 16 Years Lacey Pope-Collen
12 – 16 Years Phoebe Cannon
12 – 16 Years Lena Mroczko
12 – 16 Years Furla Ng
12 -16 Years Imogen Mottershead
12 – 16 Years Emma Louise Owen
12 – 16 Years Lilia Economides
12 – 16 Years Arabella Waugh
12 – 16 Years Sophia Grassick
12 – 16 Years Elsie Graham
12 – 16 Years Harriet Cox
12 – 16 Years Sethmi Jayasuria
12 – 16 Years Annabella Wise
12 – 16 Years Rosy Zheung
17 & Over Charlie Hipwood
Team Anglesey Pony Club – The Fluffy Shetland


A special thanks to the judges of The Pony Club Thelwell Art Competition. The brilliant selection of artwork made it a tough decision, and we congratulate all the members who participated. 

We also extend our gratitude to the Horsemanship Committee and our Vice Chairman, Di Pegrum, for their hard work. The generous prizes were presented at the Royal Windsor Horse Show by Thelwell, with contributions from suppliers such as FabDabDo, Hiho Silver, and NAF!

Could you be one of our winners next year?

Keep an eye on The Art Competition page for next year’s theme and entry date to be released.