News | 17 March 2023

The Pony Club Quiz secures an education focused Sponsor

The Pony Club Quiz secures an education focused Sponsor



The Pony Club is delighted to continue our partnership with Dodson & Horrell (D&H), building on our existing relationship and channelling their support into The Pony Club Quiz. We feel that this is a natural progression from the launch of the D&H Feeding Badge and generous ongoing support offered to Branches and Centres. Team D&H is made up of an experienced and knowledgeable group of individuals who all live and breathe the core brand values of Dodson & Horrell and are passionate about horses and their well-being.

The Pony Club Quiz is an inclusive competition for our ridden and non-ridden Centre and Branch members. It provides a chance for members to test their equestrian knowledge in a fun and friendly team environment. Working with D&H who are experts in the field of animal health, nutrition and well-being will help The Pony Club Quiz to stay relevant and current in an Equestrian World that is continuously progressing.

Having been hosted online for the past few years, we are thrilled to welcome competitors for an ‘in person’ final on the 22nd of April 2023 at Moulton College in Northampton.  With 397 teams taking part in the Quiz Area Qualifiers and 80 teams already qualified for the final,  the competition is fierce, and we can’t wait to see which teams are crowned the 2023 Champions.


“I am thrilled that Dodson and Horrell are supporting The Pony Club Quiz. Their expertise and passion for horses is a great match for our members of all ages who enjoy demonstrating their own expertise and knowledge of horses and their welfare.” – Marcus Capel, The Pony Club CEO.


“We’re excited to be supporting The Pony Club quiz this year, and its fantastic to have it back in person! We look forward to seeing the teams competing to see which team will be crowned champion!”. – Sam Horrell, D&H Managing Director.