News | 11 May 2023

Exceptional Travel Fund – Available to Pony Club Members

Exceptional Travel Fund - Available to Pony Club Members



Exceptional Travel Fund

Throughout 2021 and 2022 Sarah Chadwick, an equine vet and Pony Club volunteer, assisted many Pony Club families wishing to travel their horses from Northern Ireland to England, Scotland and Wales in order to compete in Pony Club competitions and then return home to Northern Ireland. She navigated the minefield of paperwork and new legislation to enable Members to travel and was simultaneously able to access the Government Brexit export funding. She has most generously donated the Government grant income received from this work back to The Pony Club to support travel costs to England, Scotland and Wales for our Northern Irish Members.

The Pony Club is inviting Pony Club Members to apply for funding for 2023 (or until the funds are used up.)


Funding criteria


  1. Area 17 Members may apply for up to £100 per horse/pony to subsidise the cost of travelling to England, Scotland or Wales to compete in any Pony Club competition.
  2. Members should complete the simple application form below and then email it to their Area Representative – to apply for the funding.
  3. If the application is approved by the Area Representative, she will liaise with the Pony Club office and funds will be paid by the office direct to the Member/parent/guardian.
  4. Members may apply for more than one grant a year if they are travelling multiple times to compete.

The Pony Club would like to extend sincere thanks to Sarah for her generosity in donating to these funds to The Pony Club to assist Members with rising travel costs.