News | 24 June 2024

Recording available for The Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care training webinars

We had a great turnout at the Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care Webinars! Despite the lovely weather outside, many people still chose to put their horse knowledge first!

Firstly we just want to say a huge thank you for the Blue Cross for sponsoring the Horse and Pony Care Competition for 18 years! It really has been a fantastic partnership and we are so grateful that The Blue Cross continue to support us. The Blue Cross will be coming to the JCB Pony Club Championships, so please make sure to go into their tent, say hello, and thank them for sponsoring the competition.


Mini Webinar

First up was the Mini webinar hosted by Gemma from the Blue Cross. We learnt about The Blue Cross, the sponsors of the Horse and Pony Care Competition, explored the 5 Freedoms to ensure the happiness and health of horses, discovered basic learning theory for training your pony effectively and discussed how to appropriately reward your pony. Throughout the interactive webinar, members had the opportunity to use their knowledge by answering questions, and it was great to see so many teams engaging and getting involved in the webinar. There was some time at the end for questions, before the organising team had to hop over to the second webinar.


Junior and Senior Webinar

Second up was the Junior and Senior webinar, this time hosted by Kerry. We learnt about The Blue Cross, the sponsors of the Horse and Pony Care Competition, the fundamental aspects of horse welfare through the Five Domains, explored common horse ailments and how to maintain their happiness and health and discovered the principles of learning theory in horse training to improve techniques. This webinar asked for more technical knowledge from the members, and they did not disappoint, many answering questions, as well as asking questions to further their knowledge and understanding. Again, there was some time for questions at the end, where we saw a lot of questions about the Blue Cross, as well as the Horse and Pony Care Competition.

If anyone has any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

The Blue Cross –

The Pony Club Horse and Pony Care:



For anyone that would like to watch the webinar, whether it is re-watch for revision, watching for the first time as an introduction to Horse and Pony Care, or just for general information, please follow the link below to the Blue Cross YouTube. These webinars will be available on YouTube for a limited time, until the 8th August, so please make sure to watch before this date.

Want to learn more about how to get involved with the Horse and Pony Care Competition?

Follow the link below!