News | 23 May 2024

Tetrathlon Range Conducting Officer Courses

Pony Club Tetrathlon Range Conducting Officer Requirements:

It is recommended (and will become mandatory in 2025 Rulebook) that when hosting Pony Club shooting (Training or Competition), a qualified Range Conducting Officer (RCO) should be present. This is the person that is responsible for the safety of the shooting event. We also recommend that you have an NSRA qualified shooting instructor present as well. Please note that even with a qualified shoot instructor, the NSRA recommend that you also have an RCO present. The RCO will have the responsibility of following the shooting protocol which is detailed in the Pony Club Tetrathlon Rulebook.

Area 12 Range Conducting Officer Course May 17th

Safety is a word we are all very familiar with in the world of Tetrathlon. With the latest requirement from Head Office for anyone running a Tetrathlon shooting range to be qualified as an RCO from next year, we thought we’d get as many of our Team Managers and coaches as possible in Area 12 through the course asap.

We were very grateful to James Trembath and Andy Miller for coming all the way up from the South West to come and coach us; it was a very intensive day, starting at 8am and finished at close to 7pm – we were definitely in need of the coffee and biscuits on offer!

The day started with setting up the range, then we had a run through of the NSRA booklet before moving on to several practical run throughs and then finishing with the assessments.

It was challenging and incredibly informative; we all came away having learnt so much, with a real sense of achievement – and added motivation to bring the joy of Tet to as wide a group of kids as possible.

Highly recommend the course to anyone involved in Tet.

Looking for an RCO Course?

If you are looking for an RCO Course, please have a look at our Sport-Specific Coaching webpage, where you will find upcoming courses. If none are available please contact your Tetrathlon Coordinator requesting a course to be held in your area.