News | 14 May 2024

Mounted Games at Royal Windsor Horse Show


The 2024 DAKS Pony Club Mounted Games Home International Championship was held at The Royal Windsor Horse Show on 1st May – 5th May and saw teams representing England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland competing to win the prestigious DAKS Cup and DAKS Stable Cup.

Our 30 amazing young riders aged between 13 and 15 had been selected at National trials held in February/March and were all prepared and looking forward to the experience of representing their nations.

The teams all arrived on Wednesday 1st May.  Once their ponies were settled into the allocated stables everyone set up camp.  It was then time for the start of the DAKS Stable Cup competition to begin, with the rider’s weigh-in and vaccination check for the ponies.  Committee members were judging all week awarding points which would go towards the overall placings.  The Parents and helpers were busy setting up the Team Table displays in the Pony Club marquee followed by the teams first training session and practise salute in the main Castle Arena.

The moment everyone had been waiting for all day had finally come the ‘Presentation of Colours’ when the riders were presented by Jo Smith from DAKS with their National team sweatshirts ready for the start of the competition.  On display were the trophies, medals, and rosettes the teams were competing for kindly sponsored by DAKS, who have been our generous sponsor for 35 years and the longest serving sponsor at the RWHS.  Everyone was then treated to the team entertainment pieces judged by Jo Smith.  The winners would be invited to perform again on Sunday at the presentation.

All the teams were accomplished and captivated the audience with their skills.

SCOTLAND – Danced to a well-known song from each nation and were very creatively dressed too.

REPUBLIC of IRELAND – Gave a wonderful display of Irish Dancing and dressed for the part with a Leprechaun outfit.

WALES – Their skit was about all things Welsh with the Texas Hold ‘Em dance complete with inflatable dragons.

ENGLAND– Performed and sang ABBA Dancing Queen/We are the England Team including face painting and inflatable microphones.

NORTHERN IRELAND – Sang ‘If I was not a Games Rider a (Dressage Rider, Show Jumper, Tetrathlon Rider, Hunter, Jockey, Event Rider) I would rather be’.

Dressed as their various disciplines and actions ended the evening on a high note.

Thursday 2nd May

We had two famous show jumping faces join the teams at The Pony Club marquee in Jo Stockdale and Jack Whitaker today.  They both took part in an exciting Stockdale Vs Whitaker ultimate Stepping Stone/Tyre challenge with Gwen Parry-Barrow from the Welsh team joining in.  It was great fun and enjoyed by everyone.  Both Jo and Jack took time out to chat to all the teams and reminisce on their time in The Pony Club and success at the RWHS.

Our long awaited first session of the competition was finally here.  The teams and trainers had practised, now it was time to enter the majestic Castle Arena and thrill the crowds with their unique Pony Club magic.  Our riders entered the arena proudly displaying their Nations flags as they rode around to take the first salute in front of the Royal box.  This session the riders were Bending, going through Tyres, stacking DAKS Pyramids/bags, bursting Balloons, dropping Socks in buckets, vaulting at speed, and placing Flags in/out of cones accurately.  We were not disappointed our talented riders rode brilliantly and shone under the pressure with the final result of:

1st England – 29 points
2nd Republic of Ireland -27 points
3rd Scotland – 25 points
4th Wales – 13 points
5th Northern Ireland -10 points

Friday 3rd May

The weather was challenging at the stables and the showground due to the constant rain showers.  With the Pony Club marquee in use all day for the Cubitt Awards, YELA Awards and the Art competition winners, teams used their free time to explore Windsor and the Castle enjoying life outside of the show.

Refreshed and ready for session two the teams assembled at the stables and made their way down once again to the Castle Arena.  We all had the honour late on Friday afternoon of the arrival of His Majesty The King to the show in the Royal Box prior to the start of the DAKS Pony Club mounted games.  With pride we stood for the National Anthem then the teams entered the arena.

The crowd were treated to an exciting session of Bending, placing Mugs on poles, building DAKS Parcels, jumping in small Sacks, placing Quoits/balls accurately on cones and speedily picking up Flags in/out of cones with the Union Jack flags being proudly held up high all the way down the arena by the final riders to finish.  Skill full riding from all the teams but a change in fortune turned the results around:

1st Republic of Ireland – 20 points
2nd= Scotland -19 points
2nd= Wales -19 points
4th– England – 17 points
5th Northern Ireland -14 points

With the running scores at the half way point it couldn’t have been closer for the top three teams:

1st Republic of Ireland – 47 points
2nd England – 46 points
3rd Scotland – 44 points
4th Wales – 32 points
5th Northern Ireland – 24 points

We even featured on the 10 o’clock news, highlighting the presence of His Majesty The King attending the show and watching the games.

Saturday 4th May

What a difference a day makes with the show being blessed with sunshine, large crowds and straw in the muddy areas!  Once more we were not scheduled to ride until 17.05 in the main arena, so our teams were able to take time out to visit the local area again.  Today Jeanetta La-Four the Editor of Showing Journal was invited to judge the stables and was extremely complimentary on the standards.  Later in the afternoon our officials brought the teams down for session three when they rode with style and agility in Bending, Small Sack, Old Sock, DAKS Pyramid, Tyre, Stepping Stones, and DAKS Big Sack.  The superb and incredibly close session turned the results around again, giving Scotland the win and chance to ride triumphantly down the centre of the Castle Arena.

1st Scotland – 26 points
2nd England – 25 points
3rd Republic of Ireland – 24 points
4th Wales – 16.5 points
5th Northern Ireland – 12.5 points

Sunday 5th May

Our final day at RWHS 2024.  All the teams. trainers, DAKS officials, Pony Club officials, committee, volunteers, and families gathered at the Pony Club marquee for the presentation of the DAKS stable cup by Jo Smith, General Manager and DAKS Managing Director, Mr Imai. Huge congratulations to all the teams for their dedication and hard work put in throughout the week and resulting with the DAKS Stable Cup being awarded to Wales.

1st Wales
2nd England
3rd Scotland

We were once again treated to the exceptionally funny entertainment sketch from the winning Northern Ireland team who delighted the audience with their wonderful version of “If I were not a games rider a …………. I would rather be”.  This victorious performance was a joy to watch and received a massive round of applause and smiles all around.

Our creative and talented catering team who had kindly prepared lunches for everyone all week as well as a full day on Friday put on a superb lunch for our DAKS guests, officials, volunteers, and teams.

The time had come for our National teams to make their way down to the Castle Arena for the DAKS Pony Club Mounted Games Final.  The scores had not been so close at the top for some years and going into the final saw:

England/Republic of Ireland – 71 points
Scotland – 70 points
Wales – 48.5 points
Northern Ireland – 36.5 points

With double points to be awarded it was all to play for and the stage was set for a thrilling final, we were in for a treat.  The crowd were on the edge of their seats as the races began and the top three teams played nip and tuck from the Bending win for Scotland followed by a win in the next four races of Balloon & Cone, DAKS Parcels, Old Sock and Tyre for England with two wins in the last two races 5 Flag and DAKS Big Sack to Republic of Ireland.  Wales and Northern Ireland both rode with determination and confidence in a strong final.  The scores were added to the previous sessions resulting in a win for the victorious England team and becoming our Champions of the DAKS Pony Club Mounted Games 2024



1st England – 131 points
2nd Republic of Ireland – 123 points
3rd Scotland – 108 points
4th Wales – 80.5 points
5th Northern Ireland – 62.5 points

The awards were presented by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and Jo Smith from DAKS.

The riders were outstanding, and it was remarked how they congratulated each other on their successes during the competition sessions.   All the teams were winners:

DAKS Pony Club Mounted Games Winners – England
DAKS Stable Cup Winners – Wales
Session Winners – Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England
Entertainment Winners – Northern Ireland

It was a wonderful Royal Windsor Horse Show made extra special with the presence of His Majesty The King.  Memories and friendships made to last a lifetime.

Sincere thanks to our sponsors DAKS, The RWHS, volunteer committee members, volunteer officials, catering team, families, supporters and our wonderful young riders and their marvellous ponies – we salute you all.



Aaron Kelly
Jasmine Willis
Lola James
Lottie Barwick
Olivia Cameron Clarke
Sienna Williams-Ward
Team trainer – Lisa Davis


Abbie Harrison
Ellie Duncan
Erin Haggart
Jasmine Haddow
Kirstin Logan
Lochlan McDermott
Team Trainer – May Wylie


Chloe Pembridge Bunyan
Ffion Roberts
George Bradley
Gwen Parry- Barrow
Izzy Lyons
William Harnett Jones
Team Trainer – Elaine Trevor Jones


Alice Jones
Amelia Bannon
Holly Blythe
Jack Cowan
Leigh Graham
Samuel Staats Howard
Team Trainer – Sam Woodrow


Harriet Mangan
Robyn Gahan D’Arcy
Conor Buckley
Daniel Callery
LuLu Fitzsimons
Nicky Bolton
Team Trainer – Eilidh Hyland
















Written by Alison Bell – Mounted Games committee member