News | 8 May 2024

Cubitt Awards at Royal Windsor Horse Show




Cubitt and Cubitt Bar Awards 2024

The Cubitt and Cubitt Bar Awards recognise the commitment and dedication which our wonderful volunteers have so generously shown to The Pony Club and are a small token of our gratitude.

The awards are a way of Branches, Centres and The Pony Club honouring those that have passed the landmark of at least 20

years voluntary service to The Pony Club and is held in very high regard.



It was in 1987 that Patrick Langford – a past Pony Club Chairman who then went on to be the first Vice President – suggested that there should be a special award for these special people and so The Pony Club Council created the Cubitt Award in 1988.   It is named After Guy Cubitt, The Pony Club Chairman from 1945 to 1970.

The 2024 Awards were a tribute and celebration to an outstanding 96 recipients, stretching across all of the 19 Areas, many of whom travelled to be presented with their award by The Chairman of The Pony Club, Tim Vestey, at Royal Windsor Horse Show on Friday 3rd May.

The Role of Honour below is testimony to how amazing our Pony Club Volunteers truly are appreciated for all that they do.  Thank you.





20 Year Cubitt Award

Denise Aaron
Patty Allen
Anne Bainbridge
Karen Barrow
Fiona Burnside
Heather Burridge
Colin Campbell
Judith Campbell
Sarah Canham
Ann-Marie Carr
Juliet Case
Carolyn Charleton
Wendy Coney
Georgie Davies
Christina Dee
Chris Eaton
Anne Elliott
Thomas Elliott
Jilly Emerson
Katrina Felgate
Stephen Gray
Kirsty Hardstaff
Gemma Hollingworth
Andrea Hughes
Philip Jenkins
Philippa Jones
Gary Lyon
Michelle Macaulay
Tessa Mackenzie-Green
Jane Mancey
Emily Markham
Jayne Martin
Katrina Midgley
Amelia Morris-Payne
Lynn Mulhern
Caroline O’Kane
Caroline Paxford
Tricia Pedlar
Diane Pegrum
Sophie Pope
Christopher Price
Sarah Robertson
Lynne Seare
Carolyn Smith
Lesley Smith
Fiona Suthers
Isabelle Thomson
Wendy Toogood
Sue Underhill
Charles Whittington
Diana Wison

30 Year Cubitt Bar Award

Andrew Ashcroft
Wendy Ashcroft
Barbara Baker
Audrey Brewer
Jennifer Bryer
Judith Campbell
Colin Campbell
Sue Clements
Gillian Clifford-Graham
Sarah Edgedale
Jilly Emerson
Stephen Gray
Karen Hall
Diana Hardy
Jean Hopkinson
Annabel Kirkpatrick
Jayne Martin
Amelia Morris-Payne
Sarah Mosse
Celia Plunkett
Fiona Rolt
Judy Ryan
Ursula Scott
Amanda Smith
Nicola Stevenson
Richard Wakeham
Diana Wilson

40 Year Cubitt Bar Award

Colin (Joe) Bird
Sue Bird
Penny Brown
Jennifer Bryer
Lithgow Currie
Judy Hyson
Gwen Kerton
Chris Kirby
Anne Oliver
Ursula Scott
Clare Sheppard
Christina Thompson
Maureen Wyman
Angela Yeoman

50 Year Cubitt Bar Award

Janet Currie
Dave Hallam
Pamela Ormond
Angela Yeoman

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