News | 12 April 2024

Committee Vacancies

The Pony Club seeks applications from Volunteers who are interested in joining the following National Committees in 2025:

➡️ The Finance and Risk Committee

➡️ The Training Committee

➡️ The Centre Membership Committee

➡️ The Safety and Welfare Committee

➡️ The Rules and Compliance Committee

➡️ The Volunteers and Officials Committee

➡️ Dressage Committee

➡️ Endurance Committee

➡️ Eventing Committee

➡️ Mounted Games Committee

➡️ Polo Committee

➡️ Polocrosse Committee

➡️ Pony Racing Committee

➡️ Show Jumping Committee

➡️ Tetrathlon Committee


The Pony Club is a Volunteer-led charity which strives to educate, enhance and enrich the lives of our 32,000 young Members through equestrianism. If you have the time, expertise, enthusiasm and knowledge to contribute to one of our National Committees, please do apply to join them.

These committees oversee their areas of expertise or responsibility, setting and distributing policy and appropriate goals. The Sports Committees administer all aspects of the 9 Sports supported by the Pony Club, organise competitive activities at Regional and National Pony Club events and oversee the growth and health of each Sport.

If you are interested in joining a committee, fill in the application form below and return to by 5pm on 30th April 2024.

Committee Nomination Form for 2025