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What is the Howden Centre Equitation Competition?

The Howden Centre Equitation Competition is an opportunity for Teams from Pony Club Linked Riding Centres to compete against each other and showcase correct riding ability.

Members ride a Dressage Test plus a round of Show Jumps and are marked on their position and how they ride the pony/horse.

The competition is determined by the total marks achieved by the four individual Members who form a team.

The Competition is held online through the submission of videos taken at the Centre, meaning that all Centres across the UK and Overseas can take part without having to travel to an event.  

Entries are now open and close on 12th September 2022.

It is a fantastic opportunity for our Members to take part in a Competition against others from all different Pony Club Linked Riding Centres, as well as providing them something to aim towards in their training. We are proud of all our Members who have represented us since the competition began and with the competition now online it allows even more children and ponies to take part!
Anna Walker
Proprietor of Mill House Pony Club Centre

2022 Entries

Entries for the competition open in May and close on 12th September 2022

Centre Member Team Class and the Centre Plus Team Class can be found HERE

There is a £40 entry fee per team. 

If you have less than four Centre Plus Members who want to get involved, you can enter them as individuals and they will form mixed Centre Plus Teams. To enter them, click HERE

There is a £10 entry fee per Centre Plus Member. 

Centre Equitation Information 2022
PDF - 161 kB
Pony Club C Level Dressage Test 2012
PDF - 117 kB
Pony Club D Level Walk And Trot Dressage Test 2012
PDF - 118 kB
Centre Equitation Show Jumping Course Plan 2022
PDF - 1 mB

2021 Competition Round up

We are pleased to share the Howden Centre Equitation Competition results and a big congratulations to all who took part! This year was the first year we elected to place the competition online and with nearly 100 competitors we hope this is a sign that it provided more opportunity to all. 

Thank you to everyone who took part, we know it takes a lot of time and effort to not only prepare but actually film the competition and upload it for judging. We were pleased to receive entries from Centres in a range of locations, from up in Fife all the way down to the Isle of Wight, and we hope the Members have enjoyed being part of a national competition.

Thank you to our judges; Lea Allen, Hilary Wakefield, Pat Crann, Richard Johnston-Smith, and Katy Powell for giving up their time to appraise the riding on display.

Thanks to the support of Howden, we will be sending out a package to each Team containing a rosette and goody bag for every competitor! The package will also contain individual mark sheets with separate feedback on the dressage tests and show jumping rounds. In addition, placing rosettes will be awarded from 1st – 8th.

2021 Competition Results


Centre Competition:

  1. Hill Farm Riding Stables (IOW)
  2. Scholland
  3. Mill House Team 1 
  4. Finchale View Pony Club
  5. Murton Equestrian Centre
  6. Gym-Khana
  7. Field House Equestrian Centre Team 2
  8. Larkrigg Riding School Team 1 

Centre Plus Competition:

  1. Petasfield Stables Team 2
  2. Mill House Team 3

A big well done to all the other Teams that took part: 

  • Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre Team 1
  • Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre Team 2
  • Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre Team 3
  • Darlington Stables Team 1
  • Darlington Stables Team 2
  • Field House Stables Team 1
  • Larkrigg Riding School Team 2
  • Larkrigg Riding School Team 3
  • Petasfield Stables Team 1
  • Mill House Team 2


Centre Competition - 12 and under

  1. Faith Rimmer - Hill Farm Riding Stables (IOW)
  2. Leila Woodgate - Hill Farm Riding Stables
  3. India Coates - Larkrigg Riding School Team 2
  4. Eva Roberts - Darlington Riding School Team 1
  5. Jacob Dempsey - Field House Equestrian Centre Team 2
  6. Adele Yumusak-Simpson - Scholland
  7. Sadie Rumney - Larkrigg Riding School Team 2
  8. Sophie Evans - Murton Equestrian Centre

Centre Competition - 13 and over 

  1. Isabella Spence - Hill Farm Riding Stables (IOW)
  2. Sophie Shreeve - Mill House Team 1
  3. Eve Chapman - Scholland
  4. Eva Finkel - Finchale View Pony Club
  5. Keira Harding - Murton Equestrian Centre
  6. Laura Moyes - Gym-Khana
  7. Katie Glasper - Finchale View Pony Club
  8. Euan Simpson - Scholland

Centre Plus Competition - 12 and under

  1. Toby Walker - Mill House Team 3
  2. Ted Walker - Mill House Team 3
  3. Oscar Flemming - Petasfield Stables Team 2

Centre Plus Competition - 13 and over

  1. Lillie Fenton Rahman - Petasfield Stables Team 2
  2. Elizabeth Morter - Petasfield Stables Team 2
  3. Alice Cordon - Mill House Team 3