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What is the Howden Centre Equitation Competition?


The Howden Centre Equitation Competition is an opportunity for Teams from Pony Club Linked Riding Centres to compete against each other and showcase correct riding ability.

Members ride a Dressage Test plus a round of Show Jumps and are marked on their position and how they ride the pony/horse.

The competition is determined by the total marks achieved by the four individual Members who form a team.

The Competition is held online through the submission of videos taken at the Centre, meaning that all Centres across the UK and Overseas can take part without having to travel to an event.  

Full information can be downloaded below, or found by clicking here.

Entries (Open Monday 22nd May):

Centre Team Entry

Centre Plus Individual Entry

Please email for any queries.

Competition Information
Centre Equitation Full Information 2023
PDF - 156 kB
Howden Centre Equitation Competition FAQ 2023
PDF - 156 kB
Pony Club C Level Dressage Test 2012
PDF - 117 kB
Pony Club D Level Walk And Trot Dressage Test 2012
PDF - 118 kB
Centre Equitation Show Jumping Course Plan 2023
PDF - 1 mB

Howden Centre Equitation Competition 2022 - The Results Are In!

Congratulations to every Member who entered the Howden Centre Equitation Competition 2022!

What a fantastic treat it has been for our judges to assess your carefully prepared entries. With 61 teams of Centre members and 3 teams of Centre Plus members representing 27 Pony Club Linked Riding Centres, the competition has blossomed since last year when we had 20 teams representing 11 Centres.

We have enjoyed seeing the beautifully turned-out ponies and hardworking riders from Pony Club Linked Riding Centres all over the UK and were thrilled to see Centres from last year entering a second time. 

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Howden Insurance Brokers, prizes and rosettes will shortly be sent out to Teams, along with goodie bags for every competitor. 

Results Breakdown

Centre Teams - Due to the number of teams entered, two sections were formed (Section A with 31 Teams and Section B with 30 Teams) meaning that two sets of team Placings 1st - 10th have been awarded. 

Centre Individuals - Each team is comprised of four Members with two Members completing D Test Level and two Members completing C Test Level. Again, due to the high number of entries this year, and to provide more opportunities for individual placings, we have split this further so that each rider has been placed into a sub-section (D1, D2, C1, C2). This means that there are four individual sections within Section A and four individual sections within Section B with placings awarded 1st to 10th in each.

Centre Plus Teams and Individuals – Twelve Centre Plus Members from Centres across the UK formed three Mixed Teams. Team placings have been awarded 1st-3rd with Individual placings 1st – 6th awarded at both D and C Test Level.

Team and Individual Results 2022
Centre Equitation Team Results 2022
PDF - 192 kB
Centre Equitation 2022 Individual Results Section A
PDF - 189 kB
Centre Equitation 2022 Individual Results Section B.
PDF - 197 kB
Centre Equitation Centre Plus Results 2022
PDF - 180 kB

Competition Sponsor

Howden Insurance Brokers are the official insurance partner of The Pony Club and has proudly sponsored the Centre Equitation Competition since 2015. Howden have a whole team of specialists who work solely with equestrian clients including riding schools, livery yards, freelance coaches, and horse owners.  For more information, click here 



It is a fantastic opportunity for our Members to take part in a Competition against others from all different Pony Club Linked Riding Centres, as well as providing them something to aim towards in their training. We are proud of all our Members who have represented us since the competition began and with the competition now online it allows even more children and ponies to take part!
Anna Walker
Proprietor of Mill House Pony Club Centre