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D&H Pony Club Quiz

The Pony Club Quiz is sponsored by Dodson and Horrell (D&H).

Area Quiz Rounds 2024

The Pony Club quiz is  an inclusive competition for our ridden and non-ridden Centre and Branch members. It provides a chance for members to test their equestrian knowledge in a fun and friendly team environment. Working with D&H who are experts in the field of animal health, nutrition and well-being will help The Pony Club Quiz to stay relevant and current in an Equestrian World that is continuously progressing.

  • Mini Section- Teams of four- Ages to be 10 years and under on the 1st of January of competition year, with one member to be 8 years and under. 
  • Junior/Senior Section- Teams of four- must have two junior members ( ages to be 13 years and under )  and then two of any age up to 25.
  • The competition comprises of a Mini and Junior/Senior competition. All teams can be made up with one member only who has also competed at another level in this year's competition provided they are eligible. Complete teams may not compete at more than one level.

Ideally we would rather have teams of four, but if you cannot get a 4th member then we will allow teams of 3 to Area and Final Competition. If you have a team of 3 then the ages rule apply:

Mini- Ages to be 10 years and under on the 1st of January of competition year, with one member must be  8 years and under. 

Junior/Senior- Must have one member to be aged 13 years and under and the other two can be any age up to 25 . 

All ages will be taken from the 1st January of the competition year. 

  • Mini questions to be based on the E, D and easier parts of the D+ Efficiency Tests and Mini Badges.
  • Junior/Senior questions to be based on the C, C+ and B Efficiency Tests and Achievement badges.
  • Questions will be based on the new syllabuses.  
  • Format of questions will be mixed of activity rounds such as memory games/pictionary, guess what's in the bag, question/answer rounds and many more!
  • Teams will move around the venue, each round will be on a different section of the quiz. 

The Area Quiz for 2024 will take place on the 3rd MARCH 2024. 

We recommend Teams wear their Pony Club branded sweatshirts and or T-shirts (shirt and tie are not compulsory), with smart, comfy trousers (no ripped jeans) and suitable indoor footwear.

Area Questions and Answer 2023
Around The Yard
PDF - 30 mB
Equine Safety Mini Question Round
PDF - 100 kB
Equine Welfare Question Round
PDF - 102 kB
The Pony Club Question Round
PDF - 120 kB
The Healthy Horse Or Pony
PDF - 130 kB
Guess The Item
PDF - 91 kB
Tack Identify
PDF - 83 kB
Points Of The Horse
PDF - 4 mB
Word Game Alphabet Soup
PDF - 133 kB
Word Game Before And After
PDF - 118 kB
Final Questions and Answers 2023
Charades (J S)
PDF - 452 kB
Colours And Markings (Mini)
PDF - 496 kB
Equine Safety Questions (Mini)
PDF - 486 kB
Equine Welfare Questions (J S)
PDF - 445 kB
Around The Yard (Mini)
PDF - 3 mB
Guess The Item (Both)
PDF - 455 kB
The Pony Club Question Round (1)
PDF - 505 kB
Word Game Alphabet Soup (Mini & J S)
PDF - 533 kB
Points Of The Horse (1)
PDF - 3 mB
The Healthy Horse Or Pony (Both)
PDF - 3 mB
Feeding (J S)
PDF - 462 kB
Memory Test J S
PDF - 444 kB

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