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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are the overall governing body of The Pony Club.

Tim Vestey
Clare Valori
Vice Chairman
Nigel Howlett
Liz Lowry
Trustee (Area Rep)
Helen Jackson
Trustee (Area Rep)
Andrew James
Philip Freedman
Justine Baynes

Area Representatives

Area Reps are based regionally across the UK, and oversee Pony Club Branches and Centres within their Area.

Pleasance Jewitt
Chairman & Area 9 Representative
Sue Cheape
Area 1 Representative
Sheila Clifford
Area 2 Representative
Nicola Morrison
Area 3 Representative
Robin Bower
Area 4 Representative
Area 5 Representative
Patrick Campbell
Area 6 Representative
Andrew James
Area 7 Representative
Hetta Wilkinson
Area 8 Representative
Isobel Mills
Area 10 Representative
Abby Bernard
Area 11 Representative
Helen Jackson
Area 12 Representative
Andrea Hurley
Area 13 Representative
Louly Thornycroft
Area 14 Representative
Deborah Custance-Baker
Area 15 Representative
Karen Harris
Area 16 Representative
Liz Lowry
Area 17 Representative
Julie Hodson
Area 18 Representative
Anne Ekin
Area 19 Representative