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What is The Winter Triathlon Competition?

The Winter Triathlon consists of the running, shooting and swimming phases of Tetrathlon. Qualifying competitions take place in each Area and the qualifying members are invited to compete at the finals in March.
There are 3 levels of competition which are: Minimus for the 8-11 year olds, Junior for the 14 and under and Open for all members 25 and under. Each level is split into a boys and a girls competition.

  • Minimus competitors shoot turning targets from 7m (with both hands), swim for 2 minutes and run 1000m
  • Junior competitors shoot turning targets from 7m swim for 3 minutes and run 1500m
  • Open Girl competitors shoot turning targets from 10m, swim for 3 minutes and run 1500m
  • Open Boy competitors shoot turning targets from 10m, swim for 4 minutes and run 3000m

How do I qualify?

Members can compete at Area competitions across the three classes: Minimus for members ages 8-11, Junior for members aged 14 or under and Open for members aged 25 or under, throughout the winter months in order to gain a qualifying place at the Winter Triathlon finals which will be held on 22nd March 2020 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Qualification dates:

Area Date Venue Schedule Entry Form 
1 2nd February 2020 TBC    
2 26th January 2020 Barnard Castle School Schedule  
3 23rd February 2020 York Schedule  

2nd February 2020

Calderstones School

5 8th March 2020 Mold Schedule  
6 22nd February 2020 Oundle School Schedule Entry Form
7 9th February 2020 Bromsgrove School, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 7DU Schedule Entry Form
8 1st March 2020 Bottisham Village College, CB25 9DL Schedule  
9 9th February 2020 Beaufort PC, Westonbirt, Tetbury, Glos GL8 8QF Schedule Entry Form
10 19th January 2020 Monmouth Sports and Social Club, Hadnock Road, Monmouth NP25 3NG Schedule  
11 9th February 2020 Rye Sports Centre    
12 8th December 2019




13 16th February 2020 Hermitage, Berks RG18 9UL Schedule  
14 29th December 2019 Lymington Health and Leisure Centre, Lymington, Hants SO41 8FZ.    
15 15th December 2019 Cotley Pony Club    
16 1st February 2020 Eggesford Pony Club Schedule Entry Form
17 19th January 2020 Blair Mayne Leisure Centre, Newtownards   Entry Form
18 9th February 2020 Crymych Leisure Centre Schedule Entry Form
19 2nd February 2020 TBC    


Winter Triathlon Eligibility

  • One qualifying competition to be held in each Area. Qualifying members may compete at the Winter Triathlon Final in March.
  • All competitors must be Pony Club Members 
  • The two highest placed Members from each class will qualify for the Final.
  • If the qualifying Members are not from the Area hosting the competition, then the two highest placed competitors in that Area shall also qualify. This is to ensure that all Areas have the opportunity for 2 competitors from each class qualifying for the Winter Triathlon Final. 
  • Areas may make up to 3 mixed teams from all classes (i.e. Girls or boys from each class) to compete at the Winter Triathlon Final. Declarations must be submitted in writing to by the Area Tetrathlon Co-ordinator or designated person by Midnight on Sunday 15th March 2020 (Please disregard the deadline contained in the 2020 Tetrathlon Rule Book).
  • It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that they inform the organiser before the start of a competition if they have already qualified previously so if they win the qualifying place will be given to the next highest placed competitor.
  • Directly funded Pentathlon GB athletes (currently Podium Potential and Podium Level) may compete HC at the discretion of the Tetrathlon Chairman. 
  • A Minimus, Junior and Open class for Boys and Girls. Minimus will shoot two handed at 7m turning targets. All other rules for each phase will be as stated in the Tetrathlon Rule Book
  • Winter Triathlon Final prizes: Rosettes 1st - 10th Individuals in all classes and 1st - 10th Mixed Area Teams
Winter Triathlon 2019 Results
Minimus Boys Winter Tri Results 2019
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Junior Boys Winter Tri Results 2019
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Junior Girls Winter Tri Results 2019
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Open Boys Winter Tri Results 2019
PDF - 44 kB
Open Girls Winter Tri Results 2019
PDF - 70 kB
Winter Triathlon 2018 Results
Minimus Boys
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Minimus Girls
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Junior Girls
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Winter Triathlon 2017 Results
Triathlon Championship 2017 Junior Boys
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Triathlon Championship 2017 Junior Girls
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Triathlon Championship 2017 Minimus Boys
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Triathlon Championship 2017 Minimus Girls
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Triathlon Championship 2017 Open Boys
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Triathlon Championship 2017 Open Girls
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Triathlon Championship 2017 Teams
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