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What are the Polocrosse Championships?

The Polocrosse Championships are a national competition for Pony Club Branches and Centres. Held annually at The Pony Club Championships, they feature a range of classes for members of all ages.

How do I qualify?

The Polocrosse Championships are open to any Pony Club Branch or Centre within the UK. If you're interested in competing, speak to your club and get a team together! If your club doesn't have enough players to make a team, you can also enter a mixed Branch/Centre team.

Championship entries are made online during the summer 

Polocrosse Championships 2023 - Results
Polocrosse Championships Results 2023
PDF - 140 kB
Pony Club Polocrosse Championships 2023 Teams And Order Of Play V1
PDF - 261 kB
Championship Results 2022
Pony Club Polocrosse Results 2022
PDF - 105 kB
Championships Results 2021
Pony Club Polocrosse Championships 2021 Match Results
PDF - 31 kB