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What is the Four Nations?

The Four Nations is an invitational tournament which sees teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland competing across Mini, Junior and Senior sections to determine the overall champion. The action is fast-paced and features some of the best young polocrosse players from all across the UK!


The camp and tournament are to take place in July 2023.


Header Image: Kirsty Carr Photography

How do I qualify?

Members wishing to take part in the competition should:

  • Be a member of the Pony Club
  • be a good player/team member and an excellent representative of their Branch/Centre
  • Previous appearances at Tournaments
  • Nominees have previously shown their teamwork qualities and skills such as being happy socialising with others, working toward a common interest and good communication. 
  • Nominees of a positive outlook and flexible nature- a can do attitude and grasps opportunities. 
  • display high standards of riding and horse care
  • Achievement Tests
    • Minis to hold D test 
    • Juniors and Seniors to hold C Test Horse and Pony Care section 

NB. Please note all horses and ponies taking part must meet the current years vaccination rule, those taking part must be full vaccinated. 

Any member who wants to apply should send the nomination form, a CV and a reference from their DC/Centre Proprietor. 

Qualifying criteria for each section are as follows:

  • Senior - any age member, any size of horse (min 138cm)
  • Junior - member 15 years and under on 1st Jan, any size of horse (min 138cm)
  • Mini - member 12 years and under on 1st Jan, pony to be 138cm and under


Please be aware you will need the members Pony Club membership (PELHAM) number for nomination 


Please see the guidance below to support the nomination 

Members Nominations for the Four Nations

The full nomination process will open during January 2023. To support your nomination please review the supporting guidance and information. 


A reference from your District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor will be required upon nomination. 

Pony Club Polocrosse Four Nations 2023 Initial Selection Guidance
PDF - 95 kB
PX Members References Guidance 2020
DOCX - 73 kB
Oswald Sporting 2021 Results
Results 2021
PDF - 75 kB

2021 Team Announcement

The Polocrosse Committee and selection panel would like to thank all members for their 2021 Four Nations nominations, the teams for the camp and tournament are:







Danny Woodward (North Warwickshire)

Ashleigh Saunderson (North Down)

Izzy Baker Cresswell (Percy Hunt)

Abigail Phillips (Swansea and District)

Emma Joslin (Essex and Suffolk)

Eve Thomason (Rockwood Harriers)

John Ferguson (Over Dalkeith Stables)

Jack Brown (Romney Marsh)

Philip Watney (United Pack)

Josh Smith (Ledbury)

Ross Horne (Over Dalkeith Stables)

Keegan Jacobs (Dinas Powis)

Seren Myall (Ledbury)

Tegan Bristow (North Warwickshire)

Theo Cornforth (North Warwickshire)

Will Holland  (Warwickshire Hunt)


Harry Horton Barr (North Warwickshire)

Abigail Davies (Amman Valley)

Georgie Wasdell (West Warwickshire)

Alice Leeke (United Pack)

Katie Lowden King (North Northumberland)

Alice Power (Ashford Valley)


Harriet Wasdell (West Warwickshire)

Charlie Evans (United Pack)

Millie Dacosta Evans (South Northumberland)

Hannah Davitt (Deanswood Equestrian centre)

Ilja Puccianti (Over Dalkeith Stables)

Jess Clark (United Pack)

Xanthe Goodman (Essex Hunt North)

Keeley Rock (North Warwickshire)

Robert Ferguson (Over Dalkeith Stables)

Leia Lloyd Williams (Flint and Denbigh)


Lottie Wilson Fitzgerald (Oakley Hunt West)

Abbey Wallace (North Down)

Charlotte Gee (United Pack)

Alfie Anthony-Vollans (LLangeinor)

Oliver Hayes (North Warwickshire)

Eloise Keers (North Down)

Eloise Kirkham (Essex and Suffolk)

Daisy Stone (Flint and Denbigh)

Perdy Gale (Burghley)

Gracie Shearing (West Warwickshire)

Isaac Flint (North Warwickshire)

Kiki Flower (Essex Hunt North)

Taryn Tinker (Essex and Suffolk)

Isabel Bates (West Warwickshire)

Olivia Kirkham (Essex and Suffolk)

Maggie Clark (United Pack)

PolyPads Four Nations 2019

England won the PolyPads Four Nations overall title, lifting the Triple Diamond trophy for a third time, after a weekend of hard-fought matches against Wales, Scotland and Ireland, at Celyn Polocrosse Club in Backford, Cheshire.

England were really made to work for their overall victory as Wales pushed them very close in the final and other nations took wins off them in the different age group competitions. Ireland won the AKT Minis trophy, as they ended the weekend undefeated, and Wales took the Scott Seniors Trophy on goal difference after they, England and Scotland each ended up with two wins in the Seniors competition. England did win the NVable Junior Trophy but it had to be decided on goal difference after they drew their final match with Wales 7 all.

However, overall England were undefeated, with their junior section grabbing them the overall victories against Scotland and Ireland and then their Seniors and Minis just defeating Wales in the last match of the weekend.