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What are the Novice Competitions?

Novice competitions are the ideal starting platform for young riders from 4 years old to learn the sport of Pony Club Mounted Games.

These competitions are envisaged as a preliminary step for children wishing to compete at Area Pony Club Mounted Games. The spirit of the novice games is about encouraging children to take part and achieve, with suitable support and simplified races. Area Coordinators are there to provide help and support for branches or individual wishing to know more about Mounted Games, please click here to access our Area Coordinators page.

Competitions may be organised as a lead rein competition and children that are managing novice games competently will progress quickly into Junior/ PPC mounted games teams.

Novice level competitions can be run very successfully as part of Branch/ Centre friendly competitions using the same arena and equipment. To help children start to learn Mounted Games rules, competitions should be run according to The Pony Club Mounted Games Rule Book, with some additional guidelines, see below. Please note that novice competition is for Members learning the skills and rules of Pony Club Mounted Games (who may need a leader).

A list of suggested games can be found below as a download on this page, these games are proposed so to help provide different skills to help develop riders and ponies for future Mounted Games competitions.

  1. Ponies may be ridden in any normal riding bit with a single rein, excluding English gags and bitless bridles (grass reins may be used)
  2. Trainers are allowed to be with their team and talk the Members through the races.
  3. Ponies may be led, but help may only be given by the leader for safety reasons.
  4. A leader may leg up children too small to mount.
  5. Children should correct their errors, dismounting, if necessary, but may be helped to remount.
  6. The safety of the children and ponies is paramount, and it is the responsibility of the trainers and DC’s to ensure that children are suitably mounted.
  7. It is recommended that heats are scored according to placings rather than heats and finals.
  8. Members who are confidently competing at novice level should be encouraged to compete at Area Competitions (Junior/PP Cup)
  9. Entry Fees to be kept by the organising Branch.
  10. Complete a declaration form.

Declarations Forms are available as a download on this page. On the day of the competition, the Declaration form giving the names and PELHAM Membership numbers of the members in the team, their ponies details including passport number and PELHAM Coach Accreditation number of the Team Trainer with a certificate of their eligibility signed by the DC must be given to the Organiser of the Competition, please ensure they are clearly printed. Only declared members Ponies are eligible to compete on the day.

Remember the aim is safe, encouraging fun for the whole family, enjoy!

What are the Races and Rules
2023 Novice Games
PDF - 91 kB
Declaration Form Branch Teams
Declaration Form Branch Teams
DOCX - 52 kB

Novice Races Competitions