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These are the PROVISIONAL Races and Race Rules for 2024 (note: these are subject to change and rules will follow in January 2024). 

We strongly recommend all members, trainers, coaches and parents review the 2024 rule book as it becomes available in the new year

2024 Games
2024 Area Races
PDF - 117 kB
2024 Zone Races
PDF - 122 kB

Declaration Forms 2024

Please note the Declaration forms have been updated for 2024. The form requires additional information, including 

  • Trainers PELHAM number (to attain a PELHAM number you will need to contact the Branch or Centre for whom you train and have coaching criteria in place)
  • Members information: Membership Number and Highest Test
  • Pony Information: including passport number

Those with an invalid Declaration form are subject to the Mounted Games rules

Declaration Forms
Declaration Form Combined Teams
DOCX - 52 kB
Declaration Form Branch/Centre Teams
DOCX - 52 kB
Declaration Form Pairs
DOCX - 51 kB
General Rules Extracts - Major Changes 2023/24
Rule Clarification Download
2023 Race Rules - Tennis Ball Socket Shuffle
PDF - 55 kB
2023 Rule Changes And Clarifications
PDF - 135 kB

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