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The list of Games for both the Area Competitions and the Zone Finals have been announced. Further rules are available in the rulebook.


Pony Club Mounted Games - Rule changes for 2021

• Broken equipment – if equipment breaks (not through being thrown, trodden on or mis-used) then once the issue is raised to the official steward the race will be stopped, (by the official steward blowing their whistle) the equipment will be replaced and the race will be re-run.
If any teams/pairs have already finished the race (as recorded by the line judges at the time of the whistle blowing) their result will stand.

• Sharpshooters (Seniors) – All Members MUST be on the same side when on the start line, standing side by side.

• Bottle Collection (Seniors / Juniors / Pairs) – The holders will already have 2 bottles in them (in the 2 middle compartments, leaving the ‘4 corners empty’) before the start of the race, these bottles will form part of the race and must remain in position throughout the whole race.
In the Seniors & Pairs the last rider will cross the finish line carrying the holder which will contain 6 bottles.
In Juniors the holder will remain on the bin with 6 bottles in it.

Mounted Games Races 2021 (1)
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Declaration Forms
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