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2022 Games

Please see below PROVISIONAL races and Race Rules for 2022 below (note: these are subject to change and rules will follow in 2022). 


We strongly recommend all members, trainers, coaches and parents review the 2022 rule book as it becomes available in the new year

Games 2022 Version 2
PDF - 50 kB
Area Race Rules 2022
PDF - 151 kB
2022 MG Zone Games Rules
PDF - 144 kB

Race Sponsors

Declaration Forms
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PDF - 62 kB

Rules Clarification

02/02/2022- Rule 14c

Rule 14 c

The pony MUST have completed the necessary three qualifying rallies/ coaching/ training with the current branch. 

Four or Five ponies, at least 4 years old and not exceeding 148cm. All horses and ponies must have genuinely participated at a minimum of three Qualifying Rallies/Coaching/Training Sessions of this Branch or Centre since 1st July in the previous year, one of which must have been in the current year. A horse or pony shall be deemed to reach the age of 1 on the 1st January following the date on which it is foaled and shall be deemed to become a year older on each successive 1st January

Rule Clarification download
2022 Race Rules Clarification
PDF - 103 kB