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2021 New Addition

New for 2021, Pony Club Endurance are pleased to share the introduction of The Pony Club Regionals organised and hosted by Endurance Great Britain (EGB). 

These events will provide members the opportunity to to participate in the sport locally and encourage progression through the distances available 

Where can you take part in a Regional Ride?

The table below hosts the save the dates for the rides. 

** It is necessary to pre enter the ride and then enter with Endurance Great Britain separately. **

Region  Date Venue Pre Entry 

Wales (South)


Wentwood Ride



Pony Club Contact: Fiona Williams 


4th July 2021

Yorkshire:  Aram Grange


Pony Club Contact: Robert Blane


 9th- 11th July 2021



Pony Club Contact: 


 26th / 27th June 2021

Three Rivers Ride


Pony Club Contact: 

Amanda Barton


24th October 2021

Poplar Park

Pre Entry

Please enter the EGB ride on the link

Pony Club Contact: Tom Eaton Evans 

Regional Competitions are to be run as a COVID-19 secure event and as such as measures/ restrictions to ensure all attendees can do so safely. Please familiarise yourself with the measures: Click here

** please ensure SPAM is checked regularly for correspondence from EGB or

Photo Credit: AGC Photography

Qualification for Regional Competitions

At Open, Intermediate and Novice level both the horse and rider must have successfully completed one qualification rides of the appropriate distance and speed listed in the table below.

This does not have to be the combination of horse and rider as long as each has completed one qualification rides. 





Grassroots (2)

12 kph and below

10km or over (+/- 5%)

Novice (3)

Between 8 and 12 kph

20km or over (+/- 5%)

Intermediate (4)

Between 8 and 13kph

30km or over (+/- 5%)

Open (5)

Between 10 and 15kph

40km or over (+/- 5%)



At all qualification rides horses must have their heart rates taken and be trotted up for soundness by a vet, an EGB official or a PC official, with the results recorded on their Pony Club Endurance Mastercard.

These rides must have been achieved since 1st September 2020 and at least one of them completed in the current year and one of them at an EGB national ride


At all level entries must be paid up members of The Pony Club to participate and must be 8 years old and older on the day of competition.

Entry for Regional Competitions

Preliminary entries for the competition must be made up to three weeks before the competition on the link below

Please ensure you include your Pony Club Membership number & details of your Mastercard to show the sufficient rides of the correct distance and speed have been achieved.

- Open, Intermediate and Novice entries will need to verify they havesufficient rides of the correct distance and speed have been achieved.

A further full entry will need to be completed with nearer to the date of the competition.

Details of this will published when available. If members wish to compete in longer distance rides before the Championship this will not affect their original submitted qualification.

It is permissible for members to enter more than one Regional Final. 


*** Please be aware that Results from the Regional Rides may take up to 10 Working days to be displayed on the website and recognition will be shared following the publishing of results. 

Regional Rules
Sport Rule Changes For 2021
PDF - 228 kB
RESULTS Pony Club Regional South
PDF - 71 kB
Midland Regional Results
PDF - 35 kB
Northern Regional Results
PDF - 85 kB