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What are Regional Rides?



Endurance events are an opportunity for members to experience riding in the open countryside along a mapped trail, over a set distance and at a specific speed.

Pony Club supports and recognises Endurance Great Britain (EGB) as a route for members to become involved with the sport, and members who take part in Endurance at these EGB events will be recognised in Pony Club for their achievements. This means that while a member of the Pony Club Endurance committee will be able to advise and guide, they may not actually be physically present at the ride, due to it being an EGB event.

Qualification for Regional Rides

At Open, Intermediate and Novice level both the horse and rider must have successfully completed at least one qualification ride (either an EGB ride or a branch ride) of the appropriate distance and speed listed in the table below.
This does not have to be the combination of horse and rider, as long as each has completed at least one qualification ride since 1st September 2021. 


Grassroots is direct entry, no prior rides required. 




Grassroots (2)

12 kph and below

10km or over (+/- 5%)

Novice (3)

Between 8 and 12 kph

20km or over (+/- 5%)

Intermediate (4)

Between 8 and 13kph

30km or over (+/- 5%)

Open (5)

Between 10 and 15kph

40km or over (+/- 5%)


At all qualification rides, horses will have their heart rates taken and be trotted up by a vet, EGB or PC official to check for soundness. This will be recorded on the rider’s Pony Club Endurance Mastercard.

To participate at any level, riders must be fully paid-up members of The Pony Club and must be 8 years old + on the day of competition.

* A member of the committee may not be able to support at the event but is contactable prior to the event should support been sought. 

**those taking part will be recognised following the event.

Results 2022
IOW Results 2022
PDF - 129 kB
Piddle Results 2022
PDF - 115 kB
Wentwood Results 2022
PDF - 117 kB
Arram Grange Results 2022
PDF - 133 kB
Phoenix Results 2022
PDF - 116 kB
Results 2021
RESULTS Pony Club Regional South
PDF - 71 kB
Midland Regional Results
PDF - 35 kB
Northern Regional Results
PDF - 85 kB
Eastern Regional Ride 2021 Results
PDF - 58 kB

2022 Dates

These events will provide members the opportunity to to participate in the sport locally and encourage progression through the distances available 

Where can you take part in a Regional Ride?

The table below shows the ‘Save The Dates’ for the rides:

** You must pre-enter the ride and enter with EGB separately. **

** Ride information and timings will be shared by EGB. If you have not received details, ensure you have checked your SPAM email folder and then contact them directly if you still haven’t received any information**

Region  Date Venue Pre Entry 


18 June  Wentwood 

PC pre entry

EGB Entry


31 July Phoenix 

PC pre entry

EGB Entry 


10 July  Aram Grange  PC pre entry


29 May  Avon Valley

PC pre entry

EGB entry 


16 June Piddle 

PC pre entry

EGB Entry


Starting 14 May Isle of Wight 

PC pre entry

EGB Entry




** please ensure SPAM is checked regularly for correspondence from EGB to confirm and clarify please direct items to the ride organiser.

** Ride information and timings will be shared by EGB as they are the organisers of the ride. If you have not received details please contact them directly.


Please Note: Results can take up to 10 working days to be published. This allows time for confirmation with the organsiers and calculation using the Pony club Performance Formula. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

Entry for Regional Rides

Preliminary entries for the competition will be open at least three weeks before the competition. Please enter via the link below.

For Open, Intermediate and Novice entries, please ensure your Pony Club Membership number & details of your Mastercard are included to show that at least one ride at the correct distance and speed have been achieved at the time of entering.
This is not required for Grassroots level.

further full entry will need to be completed nearer to the date of the competition. Details of this will published when available.
If members wish to compete in longer distance rides before the Championship, this will not affect their original submitted qualification.


Vaccinations: all horses and ponies attending the Regional Rides MUST meet the ride requirements- please see the ride guidance. 


Members are allowed to enter more than one Regional Final. 

* horses and ponies being ridden by members can be updated, please contact and notify the ride organiser. 

Results/recognition from the Regional Rides may take up to 10 Working days to be displayed on the website. Recognition of achievements will be posted to members once the results have been published.