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What are the Endurance Championships?

The Championships provide members with the opportunity to be part of a national event in which they will ride alongside professional endurance riders from around the country.
Held in collaboration with Endurance Great Britain (EGB), the Pony Club Endurance Championships will take place on challenging endurance routes and run alongside the Endurance National Championships and The Young Rider Championships.
The event will be held at Well Vale ride in Lincolnshire on Sunday 20th August 2023.


How do I Qualify?

For Novice, Intermediate and Open level:
To qualify for the championships, horse and rider must have successfully completed two rides of the appropriate distance and speed since 1st September 2022. This does not have to be the combination of horse and rider, as long as each has completed two qualification rides.
At all qualification rides, horses must have had their heart rates taken and been trotted up for soundness by a vet, EGB or PC official. The results must be recorded on their Pony Club Endurance Mastercard.

For Grassroots level:
No qualification ride required! Intro the Endurance achievement badge highly recommended and attendance to an Endurance CPD encouraged.

All riders at the Pony Club Endurance Championships must be 8 years or older on the day of competition.
All participants must meet the Pony Club Endurance Eligibility requirements as per the current year’s rule book.  

Championship Speeds & Distances




Distance (KM)

Grassroots (2)

12 kph and below

15 - 25 (+/- 5%)

Novice (3)

Between 8 and 12 kph

30 - 40 (+/- 5%)

Intermediate (4)

Between 8 and 13kph

40 - 50 (+/- 5%)

Open (5)

Between 10 and 15kph

50 - 60 (+/- 5%)

These rides must have been achieved since 1st September 2022 and at least one of them completed in the current year and one of them at an EGB national ride

Endurance Championships 2023
Endurance Championship Results 2023
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Endurance Championships Chairman's Write Up
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Endurance Championships 2022
Results 2022
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Endurance Championships Chairman's Write Up
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