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Dressage Home International at RWHS 2023

The Pony Club were very excited to once again be part of the Royal Windsor Horse Show and to be able to give our members the opportunity to be part of a team to compete in The Pony Club Dressage Home International on Friday 12th May 2023.

Each Nations team is made up of five members, two Open level riders, two Intermediate level riders, and one Novice level rider. Members were selected by the Pony Club Dressage Committee based on their score at the 2022 Pony Club Dressage Championships. They rode the Pony Club Championship Test at the relevant level and under Pony Club rules.

Congratulations to all the teams:


  • Veronica Owings & Annaghmore Lad, Vine (Novice)
  • Isobel Kilroy & Mary Star, South Oxfordshire Hunt Central (Intermediate)
  • Maisie Randle & Sycamore Lad, Mendip Farmers (Intermediate)
  • Holly Clarke & Nico, Meynell (Open)
  • Charlotte Morris & Shamrocks Cavalier, Bicester & Warden Hill Hunt (Open)


  • Honor Casely & Laffocry, Linlithgow & Stirlingshire (Novice)
  • Susannah Service & My Work of Art, Galloway (Intermediate)
  • Jessica Lovie & Pond Orion, East Aberdeenshire (Buchan) (Intermediate)
  • Alexa Ekin & Kilcorban Blue Brigade, Edinburgh (Open)
  • Imogen Casely & Parvadean Estelle, Linlithgow & Stirlingshire (Open)


  • Elinor North & KJ Celtic Opposition, Monmouthshire (Novice)
  • Amber Bellis & Marshbrook Poppy, Flint & Denbigh Hunt (Intermediate)
  • Lotty Jones & Wingman, Curre Hunt (Intermediate)
  • Ffion Priddle & Richochet Zed, Llangibby Hunt (Open)
  • Latisha Coles & Singing Ultraflash, Amman Valley & District (Open)


  • Charlotte Keers & Western Ocala, North Down (Intermediate)
  • Caiomhe Crozier & Hill Monarch, East Down (Open)


  • Amber Lane & Barkway State Affair, Duhallow Hunt (Novice)
  • Lucy Maughan & Cuffestown Flyover Lady, Kidare Hunt (Intermediate)
  • Yasmin Hughes & Lightning McQueen, Sligo Hunt (Intermediate)
  • Jodie Scully & Lassban Silhouette, Bray Hunt (Open)
  • Zara Kelly & Roo Too, Bray Hunt (Open)

Results 2023

Results are available at Pony Club Results.

Congratulations everyone!

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. Republic of Ireland
  4. Scotland
Winning England team
Prize giving
Wales team
Republic of Ireland team
Prize giving 2
Winning England team
Second Wales team
Results 2021
RWHS Team Results 2021
PDF - 120 kB
RWHS Ind Results 2021
PDF - 121 kB

Virtual Dressage Home International 2020

Due Covid-19 the competition in 2020 took place virtually. You can see the livestream and results below:

Final Team Results
PDF - 120 kB
OPEN Qualifying Results
PDF - 121 kB
INTERMEDIATE Qualifying Results
PDF - 121 kB
NOVICE Qualifying Results
PDF - 135 kB