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What are the Dressage Championships?

The Pony Club Championships is the pinnacle of Pony Club competition, with over 2,000 members taking part over multiple days of fantastic sporting action!

The Championships sees members competing in five Pony Club sports - Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Mounted Games and Polocrosse. In addition, crowds have been treated to the finals of the Horse and Pony Care Competition, as well as the spectacular Musical Ride!

How do I qualify?

Each Pony Club Area will hold a qualifying competition, where a number of teams and individuals will progress through to the Championships.

To qualify for The Pony Club Championships you must compete at your Area Competition.

You and your horse/pony must be eligible to compete at the level you are riding at. You can check the rules in The Pony Club Dressage Rule Book.

Additional Eligibility Rule for 2021 Championships
PDF - 88 kB